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When to Consider Installation of New Windows

Similar to the lifespan of a roof, it is advisable to change your windows every 15-20 years. Regular, periodic maintenance of windows, especially wooden windows can extend the lifespan of the window. However, constant neglect can directly result in the windows becoming warped, rotted, seals breaking and components failing that will result in the window having to be replaced. Windows play a vital role in the overall appearance of your home. That is why it is important to hire a quality roof replacement company like Home Evolution to help you pick out and install windows that will enhance the look of your home. Whether you have a new home or old home, the number, placement, and even type of windows affect the architectural character and overall appearance of the home.

So what are some warning signs of failing windows?

One of the major warning signs of failing windows has to do with the performance windows. Are there broken or missing components that are causing the window to operate poorly, or not open at all? Is there air coming in through cracks in the windows? Another sign that the windows are failing is simply by the appearance of the windows themselves. Are the components warping, rotting, paint chipping off of the windows? Is the style of the window so outdated that it no longer matches the rest of the home? If the windows themselves are old, it will be difficult, sometimes impossible to find replacement parts and components as they begin to deteriorate and break. There are a number of factors that effect the appearance and function of your windows and we break them down for you below.

broken glass sashes

Broken windows are the largest eyesore possible in a home.

rotting window sill

Not only do they look horrible, but they become useless as well.

faded and cracking window

Even with new siding, old windows can ruin the look of a house.

Factors That Effect the Appearance of Windows

Unappealing, Old or Ugly Windows
Water stains, chips, peeling paint and rotting windows can look quite unappealing and ruin your home’s appearance both inside and outside of the house. If they are wooden windows, the sashes can sometimes be painted to look better, but once there is signs of rotting, you are better off replacing them.

Windows That Have Broken Glass
Broken windows are by far the biggest eyesore. Not only do they ruin the complete image of a home, but they open up access to elements from the outside and are a potential hazard to children and adults alike. The broken glass can also create a spike in your heating and cooling bills as the air flows into the home from the outside.

Windows That Have Outlived Their Usefulness
Sometimes the windows will be significantly more outdated than the rest of your home exterior, prompting you to consider an update. For example, older homes usually have double-hung windows, while newer window options include gliding or casement windows. Older windows often times do not open and close properly, have loose trim around them and are most likely dirty, grimy, and may have algae and mold buildup on them.

New Siding Installed and Windows are Unappealing
When replacing the siding on your home it’s also the perfect time to replace your windows and dramatically change the outside appearance of your entire house. Not only will the exterior look better, but the siding and windows can make a better fit and prevent large gaps. Although you can place new flashing around the old windows to give them a facelift, in reality you may be masking some major problems and will end up paying again to have the flashing redone when you get new windows. It is always a good idea to replace the windows and siding simultaneously.

Lighting Inside and Outside of the House
Adding windows to a room will increase the natural lighting and creating a sense of openness. Replacing two side-by-side, or combination windows with one large window could make a dramatic difference both inside and outside of the house.

Choose a qualified window installation contractor for your next home window replacement project.

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In the video below are a few tips for customers who are in the market to purchase new windows. Consumer Reports breaks down the types and styles of windows available on the market today and show which windows are best for every situation.

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