Tracy’s Story

I am in desperate need of assistance!  I lost my husband of nearly 30 years and am doing my best to raise 3 boys.  A series of emotional hardships began to hit our family leading to tragedy.  It all began with the passing away of my husband’s dad.  He and his father were very close, like bread and butter. After losing his father my husband began to sink into a downward spiral of depression and grief that not even our children nor I could bring him out of.  Our family physician placed him on a strong dose of Zoloft, an antidepressant.  As you may have seen on tv ads, some people have difficulties with this medication.  My husband was one of those rare individuals. On July 7th he took his own life in his father’s workshop, devastating the hearts and lives of me and our 3 sons.  Zachary is 17, going to his 1st prom soon and learning to drive.  I am giving my first driving lessons and trying to teach him how to tie a tie!  My son Dustin is 15 years old, and has been hit very hard by the loss of his father.  My youngest, Ben, is only 8 yrs. old, has recurring nightmares and worries when he isn’t in the same room with me, I think he fears losing me too.  We are all in therapy, and staying strong as best we can. I am writing because I must do whatever I can to take care of these boys. I am their mom and no matter what challenges I face, I will never, ever quit on them. They are my heart and soul and I love them with all the broken pieces of my heart. As if we haven’t facing enough challenges, after the last rainstorm the ceiling in the boys bedroom caved in! The sheet rock, insulation and with it…a ton of pouring in rain!! Unbenounced to me, during the high winds this season, we had lost some roof shingles…lots of them actually. ..and the damage is extensive… I have 36$ in the bank, and no means to…literally… keep a roof over my children’s heads !!!  I am desperate, I don’t know where to turn or what to do…the insurance co. will not cover replacement because they say the roof is just old… it was put on in 1988…to me, that’s not too old!!
On top of these challenges I have had numerous surgeries on recurrent tumors in my left hip and blood clots in the femerol artery of my left leg which have caused me 2 long ICU hospitalizations in ~ a year.  The insurance lady told me to remove the old carpeting and pad MYSELF ! ! Even though the ceiling and sheetrock is all collapsed and soaked in that room.  I know nothing about roofing and with my leg don’t think I can even attempt to restore a 2nd story roof myself either.  Can you Help us!

Tracy’s Roof