house roof with storm clouds and lighting

The shingles on your roof are designed to protect your home during periods of inclement weather. They may, however, become damaged during heavy winds, driving rain, and damaging hail storms. Even if the damage isn’t immediately visible on your home and the inside of your living space, there may be hidden damage that can become visible later on. Often times, strong winds can raise up nails and loosen roof shingles, allowing rain, snow and ice to get underneath the surface causing damage to your attic and home interior.

Storm Damaged Shingles
Curled, torn and missing shingles are a warning sign that you have damage on your roof that needs to be attended to immediately. If left as is, chances are it will cause a lot of damage to your attic, causing rotting surfaces, mold buildup and water damage to interior ceilings. Flying storm debris can also damage different sections of the roof causing leaks.

Storm Damage That Causes Leaks
Even if you have inspected your shingles from the outside, you should also check your attic area and all ceilings for leaks. Many times, water can make its way through ceiling fixtures so be sure to check these areas as well. Many times, mold will start to accumulate around the area that is leaking. If there is heavy snow and ice accumulation on your roof during the winter, it is essential to make sure that your roof can support the weight of the snow and that it is slopped properly to keep the water and ice from penetrating the surface.

Damaged Siding Due To Storms
When heavy storms hit, often times extremely high winds can cause siding and flashing to come loose or come off completely. Vinyl siding is installed to have a little bit of play due to expansion and shrinkage due to changing weather. If the winds are high enough, they often pry the siding loose, especially around areas where there is flashing and around soffits.

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