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Skylight and Solar Tube Installation Services in Albany, NY

Brighten up your home with skylights and solar tubes

Installing Skylights or solar tubes in your home can really brighten up your home to allow natural sunlight to come in. Installing skylights is the perfect time when replacing the roof on your home. This will ensure that it is sealed and installed properly to give you a weatherproof seal and a peace of mind.

Home Evolution is a Preferred VELUX Contractor in the greater Albany, NY area to ensure that you are getting the proper installation of your new skylight or solar tubes.

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The future is here. maximize natural light with solar tubes

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Velux offers a variety of rigid and flexible solar tubes, or sun tunnels that can be easily installed in your home to maximize natural sunlight. Highly reflective tunnels are designed to allow the maximum amount of sunlight possible to enter your home. The Velux Flexi Loc system allows for easy installation of the solar tubes, regardless of the pitch or style of your roof.

With different types of diffusers, your are sure to find the right sun tunnels to install in your home that will match your desired style. If you are looking for a low cost solution that will help you cut down on energy and utility costs, solar tubes are the way to go! Installing these tubes during your new roof installation is the perfect time to make sure they are installed and sealed properly on your roof.

The benefits of Skylights and Natural light in your home

There are many benefits to having skylights and solar tubes installed in your home. High quality, energy efficient skylights allow natural sunlight to enter your home, reducing your lighting and utility bill throughout the year. Sun tunnels, or solar tubes, can be installed in dark areas such as laundry, mud rooms, hallways and other areas that do not have any windows nearby to allow in sunlight. Having a vented skylight can allow warm air to escape during hot summer months and help with air circulation within your home. Installing a skylight in your bathroom can also allow for privacy without having to sacrifice natural light from lighting up the room. Both skylights and solar tubes are an important accessory in your home if your are trying to make your home a green home or simply trying to cut down on utility and heating/cooling costs throughout the year. Call us today to see what we can integrate skylights into your home today, or simply fill out the quick estimate request form below and we will touch base with you.

How long do installed skylights last for on your home?

Most skylights are manufactured to last 15-20 years. There are some skylights that are manufactured from acrylic material which tends to break down faster than tempered glass. That is another key reason why we chose to use Velux brand skylights. They are manufactured using tempered glass to ensure the longevity of the skylight itself. It is always a good idea to check on your skylights periodically, especially when you are inspecting your roof. Often times, skylights are improperly installed at the time of the roof installation which causes them to fail much quicker than the roof shingles. If you feel that your skylights have failed and are leaking, give us a call to examine them.

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