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Common Siding Color Issues in Albany and Saratoga

Several years ago, the most common choices in vinyl siding colors were various shades of white and beige. This is because there were no standards set for color retention of vinyl siding. It was very common to see darker colors fade noticeably over just a few years of exposure to the sun. However with new advancements in vinyl siding colors, making your home more personal, and keeping it that way for a long time, is easier than ever.

As an experienced siding contractor for over ten years in the Albany and Saratoga Springs area, Home Evolution offers a wide range of vinyl siding choices for you to chose from. Having your old vinyl siding replaced will ensure that your home is protected from the elements. If your vinyl siding is getting old, chances are that it is faded and much more susceptible to cracking and breaking. during cold weather and storms. It also happens to be the most economical option when it comes to siding options. Give us a call today to see if vinyl siding is the right choice for your home. You can be sure that our expert installers will install the vinyl siding in a professional and timely manner. Every project we take on gets personalized attention as we only do one project at a time, from start to finish.

faded vinyl siding

The UV rays from the sun break down the paint on most older siding, this causes the colors to fade. Even when the siding is cleaned, it can remain dull and faded.

chalking flaking siding

Over time, aluminum and even vinyl siding may develop a buildup or residue. This is referred to as chalk, and when touching the siding, the chalk will rub off on one’s finger or clothes.

peeling wood siding

Wood siding can chip, peel, and flake, but modern vinyl siding maintains its look for many more years. Vinyl and polymeric siding have the widest lineup of profile offerings of any other exterior cladding.

Time to have your siding replaced?

If you are experiencing the fading and discoloration issues mentioned above, it may be time to have your siding replaced. We are here to discuss the various options available on the market. The improved technology has allowed vinyl siding to come a long way to offer siding that is much less prone to fading and much stronger than in the past.

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