Siding does not have a waterproof design, it is actually designed to prevent an airtight seal over the exterior surface of a home. This is why there must be a waterproof barrier installed underneath the siding. The waterproof barrier is what holds moisture away from the house and prevents it from absorbing into the structure. If the installer doesn’t seal the home first, moisture issues may result.

The smallest damage to wood siding can provide an opening for moisture to penetrate, causing the wood to rot. When not taken care of properly, the moisture can travel to the frame and beams of the house, insulation, drywall, and interior trim, rotting everything along the way..

Algae often appears on areas that stay moist and damp. Algae will create an unsightly black, brown, or green discoloration over the surface of the siding. If it is vinyl siding, power washing the surface with a cleaning solution can solve the problem and get rid of the algae. If the siding is wooden, the algae can mask larger problems below the surface. Since algae only grows in moist areas, there may be moisture building up underneath the surface of the siding. If there is no moisture barrier installed, it can easily start to rot and damage the plywood underneath and travel deeper into the home.

Mold usually appears as a white or gray powder with small specks of black. The larger problem is when mold occurs underneath the siding. This can invite insects and other parasites, as well as damage the wood structure.

Proper flashing is critical. Lack of proper flashing allows water and moisture to penetrate the home’s exterior envelope, causing toxic mold and mildew, along with major structural damage. It is critical to ensure that the flashing around the roof and rest of the home is installed properly and secured well.

Moisture problems need to be kept at bay for the various reasons already listed; rotting, algea, mold etc. Without the proper upkeep and repair of your siding these issues can spread and become very costly. Avoiding this type of issue is something you don’t want to do. Vinyl siding installation from Home Evolution can be the solution you are looking for. Give us a call today to discuss the siding on your current home as well as the different installation options we have to offer, or simply fill out the quick estimate request form below and we will contact you to set up an appointment.

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