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Roofing Contractor serving Troy, NY

Home Evolution has been specializing in roof installation and roof replacement for over ten years in the Troy, NY area. We install flat as well as pitched roofs fro residential customers. We focus on one roof installation at a time to ensure every customer is completely satisfies with the installation of their roof. We can give you a complete breakdown of what will be involved in having your home re-roofed. You can be sure that our roofing crew will treat your home with care and attention to detail. Call us today at 518-639-7663 or simply fill out the quick estimate request form below and we will contact you.

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Roof Installation in Troy, NY

If you are looking to have your roof replaced in the Troy, NY area, you can be sure that Home Evolution will get it done right. We can help you choose the best roof shingles within your budget and install them in a professional and meticulous manner. We stand behind our work and offer some of the best warranties available in the industry. Not only that, we are also able to offer financing to our customers to help cover the costs of getting a new roof installed, if necessary. Be sure to speak to the estimator that comes out to your home if this is something that you are interested in taking advantage of.

Roof Repair in Troy, NY

If you have a pesky roof leak in your home caused by improper roof installation or extreme weather conditions, we are here to help. We can quickly identify the area that is causing the leak and fix it to make sure your home is protected and that no further damage occurs to your home. Leaving the leak alone will cause the substrate to deteriorate, and even worse, the water getting into your home can cause mold and rotting to spread throughout the home. Although a temporary fix may help take care of the leak, be sure to have a professional like Home Evolution to examine the roof to make sure that a permanent fix is done properly to keep that leak from returning. Often times someone may use caulk to temporarily fix a leak around a boot or a shingle, not realizing that caulk dries out and cracks throughout the year. That caulked nail pop, split shingle, or torn boot will eventually begin to crack again and allow water and moisture to get underneath the roof surface.

Siding & Window Installation Contractor in Troy, NY

Home Evolution offers a wide variety of siding and window options to fit your home style and budget. We offer various options and colors of vinyl siding to match your existing home look or to change it up completely. The common misconception that vinyl siding comes in limited colors is simply not true. There are over 300 different colors available on the market to give you the customized look you are looking for. To see what type of options we offer for siding, click here. We also offer a wide variety of the major window brands as well as local window manufacturers to make sure you get the home you want!