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Home Evolution has replaced quite a bit of roofs in the Glens Falls, NY and Queensbury, NY areas. Being further up north, there are a few things that you can do to help protect your new roof from leaks due to extreme cold weather as well as potential ice damming issues. If you are not familiar with the different roof components involved in a typical roof replacement, feel free to visit our resource center to familiarize yourself with each specific components on the roof and why each component is important.

When it comes to roofing in the Glens Falls area, we would highly recommend getting not only the roof inspected but the attic, as well as soffit areas. It is crucial to have proper airflow in your attic to prevent ice dams from occurring on your roof during extreme winter weather. Often times, especially in the Glens Falls area, the roofline has vaulted ceilings and attic ventilation may not be possible. In this case, it is crucial to use a high quality ice and water barrier in critical areas and ensure that you are using enough of it. Areas near the eves, valleys, around chimneys and pipe boots are just some examples of areas that are susceptible to roof leaks during heavy snow and ice build-up during the winter.

Another component to keep in mind is proper flashing in critical areas. It is critical to have the proper combination of wall flashing as well as ice and water barrier in areas where lower rooflines like porches and lower roofs meet the wall. Not having the proper wall flashing can cause leaks when snow melts and can actually cause the framing to rot over time.
Areas like the chimney as well as around dormers need to be addressed as well when the roof is being replaced. Ignoring the chimney flashing can cause leaks on a brand new roof. Also, many roofers will ignore the dormer areas simply because doing the flashing properly often requires having to take off the siding, doing the proper flashing and installing it back.

Whatever the unique style of your roof may be, you can trust Home Evolution to replace the roof on your home properly, using the necessary materials and components that will ensure that your home is protected, and the life span of your new roof is maximized.

Roof Repairs in Glens Falls, NY

Often times, a small roof repair is often needed rather than a full roof replacement. If this is the case, we are here to help. Each one of our estimators is uniquely qualified to inspect your roof, identify the leaking area and come up with a permanent solution to fix the roof. Using caulk and tar is never a permanent solution to fixing a roof leak!

When we do a roof repair, we do it properly. That is why we as a company warranty our work and stand behind every repair and roof replacement we perform. If we cannot guarantee the roof repair, we will always be upfront and honest with the homeowner about it. Most times, in those cases a roof replacement is necessary and any roof repair will only be a temporary fix for a failing roofing system.

If you are interested in having Home Evolution come out to evaluate your roof, we would be more than happy to do so. Simply give our office a call to set up a timer that is convenient for you to meet with us. Keep in mind, the estimator will need access to your attic to properly evaluate the condition of the roof as well as the decking and ventilation in the attic.

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    Glens Falls has been destroyed by fire at least five times in its history: twice during the Revolution and again in 1864, 1884, and 1902. Luckily, the buildings standing today are incredibly preserved, giving the modern city a uniquely historic charm*

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    * Source - https://www.glensfalls.com/about/glens-falls/