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We were impressed with Alex of Home Improvements immediately. Of all the roofing contractors we contacted/interviewed, he was one of only two who went on our roof before providing a quote. Alex took pictures of the problem areas on our roof with his tablet and showed them to us. He also had a presentation on his tablet for us. Excellent use of technology! He was also the only contractor to specifically address our leak problem with a direct solution. His crew stripped the old roof and put on the new roof in one day! We’ve had no leak problem since. Excellent service. We highly recommend.Roof Replacement | 04/30/2015 | Albany, NY | A
These guys were fantastic! They not only did what they promised to do, they also were very professional, and quick. I was very impressed with everything about this company. I recommended them to a good friend, and he had the same experience. Can not beat them!Replace Roof | 04/17/2015 | Albany, NY | A
Home Evolution was an excellent company to work with. I called them for an inspection of my roof after I noticed water damage on the bathroom ceiling. They were able to fit me in the same day I called and they arrived on time. Igor identified where the leaks were coming from in the roof and provided me with several options to either repair the issues or replace the roof. In the end I decided to replace the roof. When the weather got warmer and the snow melted they came out and performed the job in one day. They left the exterior of the house immaculate and the crew and foreman on the job were very respectful. The roof looked good although I didn’t get up there and inspect it. I was very pleased with the professionalism of those I dealt with and they were all friendly. I was very happy with the the price and the long warranty on workmanship. Overall a great experience.Roof Installation | 04/01/2015 | Albany, NY | A
He was a very knowledgeable and friendly individual that came to my home to present just what was needed for my roof. He was very professional. I was overall pleased with the job itself. They got right back to me. There was an issue at the start of having the shingles dropped off at the date that we had not talked about.Roof Replacement | 03/28/2015 | Albany, NY | A
The service was excellent. The workers were excellent. They were very prompt. They left the area spotless before they left. They were very clean and tidy.Replace plywood underlay, shingles, & roof vent. | 01/05/2015 | Albany, NY | A
Home Evolution were very prompt in getting back to us and providing us with an estimate. The price was very reasonable and lower than another estimate by $1,000. After we signed the contract, we were given an approximate time-line of 2-3 weeks with work to be completed a few days after the materials were delivered. They asked for a 1/3 deposit and the remainder to be paid in cash on the date the work was done. There was a slight delay due to weather; however, they did communicate this reasonably and did make sure to do the work soon after the materials were delivered.
The crew arrived early and began removing the old roofing. They also moved some outdoor furniture away from the house, etc. which was nice. The crew worked very fast and completed the entire roof much sooner than I had expected. They cleaned up the debris nicely. There was some minor damage to some of our gutters; however, these were not in great shape to begin with.
Overall, they did a really great job. We’ve had the roof now for over a month with rain and snow and haven’t noticed any issues. Complete Roof Replacement | 11/26/2014 | Albany, NY | A
Home Evolution was fantastic. They replaced our entire roof, vestibule and garage roof in one day. The crew was very professional, courteous and knew their job 100%.
They also replaced three skylights in our kitchen and put in the two vents for the bathroom fans that were never put in by our original roofer! They went the extra mile!
I could not say more kind things about this provider. They cleaned up after themselves. Our lawn and flower beds were undisturbed. It looked like they were never there.
It has now been one month since the work was done and not one leak in our kitchen skylights. We could not be more pleased. I cannot recommend them more highly to anyone that needs a new roof. Roof Replacement | 11/25/2014 | Albany, NY | A
Friendly and informative when seeking a quote. Automatically included the Angie’s coupon without me asking. Very competitive pricing. Honest about how long until they could do the job. All the work was done in one day with virtually nothing left behind. Tiny complaint was that we only saw them again in the dark and I wanted some nails caulked that had not been. I’m hoping they came back sometime later like they said they would but I haven’t gotten on the roof to check!
Over all, great quality products and appears to be quality work – will update if needed! Roof Replacement | 11/16/2014 | Albany, NY | A
Alex was very helpful and up front. Its a lot less stressful when you can deal with a smart contractor who can deliver. Alex and his crew were great. I highly recommend Home Evolutions!Roof Repair | 10/14/2014 | Albany, NY | A
Alex came out and provided an estimate that was in line with others I had received. Angie’s list reviews were good and he promised it would be done the end of September or very early October.

I received a call on the 26th that they would be there on the 29th. They started and finished on the 29th. I stopped by and watched the workman for about 15 minutes and they seemed to know what they were doing. My wife is happy with the look of the roof and this is a solid endorsement, believe me.

I did not rate quality because the roof didn’t leak before and it still doesn’t. This would be the only way for me to judge quality other than the good appearance.

I had one small issue with gutter screens being removed and not replaced. I was told this would be fixed and after a reminder text this was taken care of in approximately one week.Roof Replacement | 10/10/2014 | Albany, NY | A

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    I felt it went perfectly! Alex and his team arrived, right on time, and kept, at it, until dark. This is the first roofing contractor that spent the most time on my back roof. The clean-up was impeccable and I feel so confident that, this time, the roof is fixed the right way. Each one of the team was professional and, in my opinion, honest. In fact, I am going to have them help me with some stone siding on the front of my house. Roof Replacement | 10/10/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    I contacted 3 roofing companies for estimates to have a new roof installed. Home Evolution showed up on time and provided a very competitive estimate on-site. They showed up with a crew at 8 am. They were amazingly well organized and completed the job in one day. They attached a tarp from the lower edge of the roof which extended over the shrubbery. The old shingles slid down the tarp to the lawn. At the completion of the job there were no debris left on the lawn or on site. They had a job supervisor that made sure everything went smoothly and everything did. Roof Replacement | 10/01/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    Home Evolution was wonderful! The workmen showed up right on schedule and immediately put out protective tarps so our yard and deck and gardens would not be damaged by materials. They were fast, efficient and thorough. The workmen were also very courteous and considerate. The old roof was off the house very quickly and the new roof was put on quickly and pretty quietly and precisely. Neither my husband nor I have ever seen work of this kind done so neatly. We were amazed at how thorough the clean-up was. I swear by the time the job was done and everyone had gone, there was not a trace that they had ever been there. Absolutely amazing. The job was done in one day and the new roof looks so beautiful. We have already recommended Home Evolution to several of our friends and hope they will have the same super experience as we did. Great job!Roof Replacement |08/21/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    I contacted four roofing contractors for estimates. Alex from Home Evolution worked with us and came in with the best price, and with better products offered. While other contractors said it was a 2 day job and one contractor couldn’t schedule us for 2-3 weeks, Alex said it would take about 4 hours to complete our roof and he could schedule the job for the following week, and he would call us with the date. (He went on our roof when he first arrived and took pictures of all our cracked shingles and showed us the pictures from his tablet.) He told us the shingles would be delivered the day before the scheduled installation and sure enough, they were delivered Monday morning and the installation was scheduled for Tuesday. When heavy rain storms were forecasted for Tuesday, we received a call late Monday afternoon rescheduling for Thursday. Wednesday morning, we received a call indicating they could come that afternoon instead if acceptable to us. I was thrilled and agreed since our roof was leaking and we needed the job competed ASAP. More supplies were delivered Wednesday morning and early Wednesday afternoon a crew of six men and one foreman arrived. The whole job (minus the gutters) was completed within 5 hours. They are hard and efficient workers. The whole team knew their stuff and were experienced and worked together very well. The foreman indicated the workers have been installing roofs for years. An outside company installed the seamless gutters a week later. They installed front and back gutters and three downspouts in about 50 minutes. We are very pleased.Roof Installation | 07/31/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    The service prior to the start date was great, Alex answered all my questions and was quick to get answers he didn’t immediately have. The work itself is awesome, no issues with the craftsmanship, installation, or cleanup afterward. The installation was even faster than initially reported.
    The only issue I had was the VERY short notice given that they were going to start the work. We were told we would get notice about 5-7 days before hand. The actual was appx 1 1/2 days before work start. It just gave us enough time to inform our renters and neighbors, and that’s about it.
    Overall, this has been an excellent experience and I would recommend them highly! Roof Installation | 07/10/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    I like the fact that they were punctual. Even though he did not identify the problem, he was going to try to remedy it by putting something underneath before putting the shingles on.Roof Installation | 07/10/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    The work was very professional. I would recommend the work they performed to anyone looking for this type of work.

    I had 11 new windows installed – The quality of the windows are the best I have seen – The installers were very professional and the cleanup was exceptional. I would definitely recommend them to people looking for new windows or roof replacement. Window Installation | 06/25/2014 | Albany, NY | A

    His presentation was excellent– he had a mock-up of the roof and what work would be done. He had a quote after going up on the roof and looking at it. Answered any initial questions we had and I was impressed by his ability to sell, he was very knowledgeable. A crew of 9 men came out and did everything in one day. Nothing I can say that isn’t good about them. I was very impressed.New Roof Installation | 05/19/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    Very punctual and accurate. Guys showed up before 8am and went right to work. They were very courteous and neat. They worked really hard to finish all before 2pm!! Very efficient and polite. Would definitely hire them againNew Roof Installation | 05/07/2014 | Albany, NY | A
    Alex Kotsyuba from Home Evolution came to my home and inspected my roof, provided an excellent presentation including pictures and reviewed a written roofing proposal with a detailed estimate of the work that needed to be done. He was professional, knowledgeable and patient with all my questions and the estimate was comparable to the other estimates that I received. I signed the contract that day and gave him a down payment of 1/3 the total cost of the job with a plan to start in 2-3 weeks and the balance would be due upon completion. The day before the crew arrived and materials delivered, Alex called to notify me. Home Evolution completed a new roof that is absolutely beautiful.
    The crew members were all extremely hard workers and did everything to make the experience smooth, pleasant and professional. The crew arrived at 7am and started immediately. Throughout the process, they never took a break and worked really well together. They were polite and friendly and focused on customer satisfaction. This crew is amazing, did a great job and the cleanup was meticulous. I was very relieved that the crew was highly skilled, efficient and detailed and after they left, you would never know that they were there except for the new roof. I am
    very happy with my decision to hire Home Evolution and would highly recommend them. Roof Tear Off and Replacement | 05/06/2014 | Albany, NY | A

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      Alex and two others spent a little over an hour removing about 18 inches of snow from our roof including cleanup of the areas where the snow was tossed. Snow Removal From Roof | 04/01/2014 | Albany, NY | A
      They went good and did a good job. They were efficient, returned my calls, and everything was fine.Roof Replacement | 03/21/2014 | Albany, NY | A
      I found Home Evolution on Angie’s List. I chose Home Evolution due to the scope of work they do and the excellent reviews.
      I contacted them with an urgent situation: water apparently had started running in the house during the night flowing over an electrical outlet.
      I sent a message and had an immediate response from Alex, the owner. He said he could come out and check it out and could be here between 1 & 2. Alex was prompt, professional and courteous. Found where and why the water was coming in and told us he could have his crew here within half an hour. The entire roof had to be cleared of snow and ice and the job could be done before dark. His crew arrived on time and went right to work. The work was completed on time.
      Alex told us this will be a continuing problem and recommended the proper type of roof this house requires due to the limited pitch of the roof on the rear of the house and the addition. The information Alex gave us was very helpful and we will be contacting him in the fall for the installation of a new roof.
      Home Evolution is highly recommended! Roof Repair | 02/20/2014 | Albany, NY | A
      The project went very well. They showed up on the first day on time, and began the work promptly. The project took three days to complete, and the quality of their work was excellent.
      With the project happening during the winter, it was more difficult for them to clean up due to the snow. That is the only thing I would see as room for improvement.
      I would highly recommend Home Evolution for a roofing or siding job. Siding Installation | 02/04/2014 | Albany, NY | A
      They gave me a fair price and they did a great job. The new skylights look great. They trimmed out the skylights and repaired the leak damage and you would never know they were replaced or that there was a leak. I highly recommend them and I am very fussy.Skylight Replacement & Ceiling Repair | 02/04/2014 | Albany, NY | A
      Excellent work. Very efficient team of workers. Also very neat, and took great care to not ruin landscaping.Roof Installation |11/22/2013 | Albany, NY | A
      They arrived on site on Jul 31 about 7 am with 5 or 6 people and immediately began removing the old roof, replacing the decking and old panels. They worked smoothly and steadily all day. Several people arrived later and worked doing the specialty work (skylights and repointing the chimney). They used only the highest quality materials. I, frankly, was very impressed on the amount of work done and how hard they worked. The ENTIRE job was finished by about 7 pm. They even tacked up a piece of insulation in my cellar stairway that had come loose during all the construction.
      A week or so later we had our first rain storm since the construction The two old skylights (not the ones they installed) leaked. We called Alex at about 7am and he immediately (within an hour) sent his two “experts” down who covered the skylights to prevent any more leaking. They returned later and reflashed the skylights and other measures to ensure they did not leak again. They spent a great deal of time analyzing why they had leaked and then repairing them. Once again I was impressed with the care and thought – not to mention the time – to ensure a job well done. We have had no problems since.Roof Replacement & Skylight Installation |10/28/2013 | Albany, NY | A
      They were very professional when they came to do a quote. The price was very comparable to other places we had quote us. We went with home evolutions because of their rating on angies list and thier willingness to work with our requests. They started with adding the extension on the back gable, once that was built they had a crew come in and replace entire roof (29 square) in one day. It was loud but we expected that and just left for the day. The work was done on a friday. They returned the following day to start the side porch and put on the gutters. The side porch was above and beyond what we expected and looks gorgeous. The roof no long leaks around the chimney like it did before the new roof. The gutters work excellent. Alex came a day after they finished to do a walkthrough with us and collect final payment. A few times we called during to ask questions and they made sure to get back to us in a very timley manner. Build Gable & Roof Replacement |10/15/2013 | Albany, NY | A
      Our experience with this contractor is consistent with the other positive reviews. We would note however that Home Evolution was not the most expensive quote we received. Their documents however were much clearer in describing what tasks would be performed for the re-roofing and the type of shingle to provided. They also explained the payment breakdown between materials and labor.
      They are professional, thorough and follow through with what they say they will do. The material and the actual labor was delivered and performed on the days represented by Alex. A request to Alex was promptly responded to. Due to the size of our roof a double crew worked from 7AM to 5PM and finished the job in one day including a thorough clean up. Vassily was the foreman who kept an eye on all stages of the work and was available and responsive throughout the day for any questions. Total time in dealing with Home Evolution was one week from contact to job completion, obviously weather permitting, so if you are looking to have a quality job completed without wasting time going back and forth trying to reach a contractor, we would recommend Home Evolution. It has rained a couple of times since the installation and no leaks so far. However given our initial positive experience should any subsequent problems arise we would not hesitate to contact Alex.
      Bottom Line: we would recommend Home Evolution to our friends. Roof Replacement | 10/15/2013 | Albany, NY | A
      They arrived right on time and did all the work in a very timely manner. They arrived at 6:45am and the job was completed by 1pm. Cleanup was exceptional! On the day of the estimate, I particularly liked that Alex took several pictures of my roof so I knew exactly what was to be done. I would highly recommend Home Evolution for any of your roofing needs. Shingle Replacement| 08/08/2013 | Albany, NY | A
      We contacted Home Evolution to repair some minor storm damage on our roof. They returned our call promptly and scheduled time to visit our home and provide an estimate. They arrived when they stated they would and provided a written estimate. Upon agreement of the estimate, they sheduled the repair for the next morning.
      The repair went as well as the estimate. They arrived at the scheduled time and performed the work as written, plus fixed a minor issue with the ridge vent that was not previously identified without charging any additional fees. They are prompt and professional, which seems to be a rare quality in the service industry. Minor Roof Repair| 07/31/2013 | Albany, NY | A
      They did an excellent job! They came and they were clean. They told me everything that was going to happen. We had a slight delay because of rain, but that was okay because you can’t roof in the rain. They did what they said they were going to do. One person did nothing but clean all day long as things came off the roof and were tossed on the ground. They did not leave any messes. The roof hasn’t leaked since. Very comparable price to other companies.Roof Replacement| 07/12/2013 | Albany, NY | A

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