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Replacing a Leaking Shingle Roof

Roof leaks always lead to water damage to the roof itself, the attic as well as the home interior. Roof leaks can also be a costly fix if not addressed in a timely fashion. That is why you should inspect your roof annually and attend to any roof maintenance or repair as necessary. Due to the large amount of insulation in the ceilings as well as in the attic, it can take a long time for any water damage to make itself visible on the interior of the home. At that point, there may have been damage done to the framing as well as molding in the attic.

Although there may be no visible water damage right away, a leak can very well be a nightmare introducing mold, mildew and even musty odors into your home. The source of the leak can sometimes be twenty feet away from the visible signs of the leak itself. This is why it is crucial to properly diagnose the source of the leak in order to fix it properly. As a local roofer in the Albany, NY area, you can trust Home Evolution to get your roof leak and the damage it has caused fixed professionally by highly trained roof leak repair specialists. As a roofing contractor that has over a decade of experience in identifying and repairing leaks, Home Evolution knows what to look for, as well as fix pesky roof leaks on the roof of your home.

missing 3 tab shingles
Missing Shingles

Caused by high winds or faulty shingle adhesive, this can sometimes be a quickfix.

leaking chimney flashing roof repair albany ny
Leaking Chimney

The most problematic areas that need attention appear around chimney flashing.

leaking roof vent, roof repair albany ny
Leaking Roof Vent

A favorite nesting spot for critters can be easily upgraded and replaced.

leaking ridge vent
Leaking Ridge Vent

Critical for your roof’s ventilation and also a prime source for leaking.

What typically causes roof leaks?

Environmental Damage and Passing Time.
The outdoor environment can be very brutal over time. Leaky roofs can be caused by time, hail damage, and blistering/curling shingles. Since we experience extreme temperature changes every year as the seasons change, your roof can take a beating over time. Water freezing and thawing can, and will affect the longevity of your roof as well. Harsh winters tend to bring about large amounts of snow and ice buildup on your roof. Even if a roof was properly installed, heavy ice damming caused by poor roof insulation can wreak havoc on your home. If you see ice buildup on your roof every winter, that can be a sure sign of poor insulation in the the attic, causing the warm temperatures to escape from the home interior and melt the snow, while the extreme temperatures from the outside cause the ice to build up.

Poor Construction
Not all roofs are installed exactly the same. When a roof is poorly installed, it’s not uncommon for it to give way to water leaks, even when it is a brand new roof. Improper installation can significantly reduce the lifespan of the newly installed roof. It is important, especially in an area like Albany that endures the changes of the four seasons, that all of the key elements of the roof are not left out to ensure the longevity of your roof.

Ground Movement
The ground your home is built on makes small movements over the years due to water levels or trees that are around the house. When the ground under your home shifts, it shifts the entire house and may cause damage to the roof. It is common for a new home to settle a little within the first few years after construction. Signs of this may be found with cracking drywall seams and the outside drywall corners of the interior of the home.

Roof Attachments
We live in an era of technology and people want to be connected in many new ways. Homeowners and companies are putting satellite dishes and other antennas on thier roofs. If they are not installed properly, they too can cause water leaks. Often times, when the dish or other items are being replaced or updated, damage is done to the shingles around the item and holes from the screws/nails holding the old item will allow moisture to get in beneath the surface of the roof substrate. It is always a good idea to do a periodic inspection of your roof to ensure that your home is properly protected. As a roofing contractor in Albany, NY, this is a common problem that we encounter on a yearly basis.

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5 star customer review for Home Evolution

“It was absolutely good. They were professional, courteous, prompt. They did a great job explaining what they would do, reviewing our options. And they did what they said. They protected our landscaping and everything surrounding the house. Cleaned up well and were in and out in one day. ”

Angie’s List Customer

5 star customer review for Home Evolution

“They were prompt, got the job done quickly, cleaned up before they left. I would highly recommend them! After speaking to other roofers I can say that I am delighted to have found Home Evolution. They were EXCELLENT an I HIGHLY recomend them. ”

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