Hail Damage to Roofs in Albany and Saratoga, NY

Hail storms are frustrating to deal with, especially if they damage your property. If your roof was damaged in a hail storm, the Home Evolution team is here to help. We work with people from all over the Albany and Saratoga, NY region who need hail damage to their roof repaired.

Storm damage from any season can wreak havoc on your roof leaving it in need of repair. Maintaining and repairing your own roof is possible. However, we highly recommend that you seek out the assistance of roofing professionals to ensure your roof is properly repaired.

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Inclement weather can cause roof leaks in places you would never expect. Having an experienced roofing contractor examine your roof helps identify weak spots on the roof that may be causing the roof to leak or may cause the roof to leak if not attended to. Wether it is hail, strong winds, or snow and ice buildup, you can be sure that your home is in good hands when you allow Home Evolution to take care of your roof. Don’t let hail damage get the best of your home, call us today at (518) 639-7663 to set up your free estimate today.

How do I know my roof has been damaged by hail?

If your area has recently been hit with a hail storm and you are not sure if your roof has been damaged, there are some things you can look for. Although it is important to catch hail damage right after the storm prevent leaks in your roof, it is also possible that your roof leaks may have resulted from prior storms. It is always crucial to take action right after the storm in a timely manner as there are certain time restrictions when filing all of the necessary claims with your insurance company.

First, you can examine metal flashing in the valleys, vents caps, gutters as well as other metal components on the roof as well as on the ground level to see if there are dents and paint scouring on the surface. One place to check is your a/c unit, your mailbox, etc. to see if you have indentations and damage on them.

Second, check painted and stained surfaces to see if the hail has done damage to the tops of these surfaces. Many times, hail will damage the tops and the sides of siding and trim work, especially if there is significant wind involved in the storm.

Next, you want to check the shingles themselves to see if there has been any damage done to them. If you know which direction the storm came from, you want to check that side of the roof first to see where the most damage occurred. Be sure to check the gutters and the ground for shingles granules that would have come of from the hail storm. The areas that were damaged by the hail will likely not only have a loss of granules but many times will leave indentations and holes in the shingles themselves.

If you examine the roof and see signs of damage done to your roof, be sure to give us a call. We can perform a thorough inspection to see if this was truly hail damage. If this is the case, chances are that your insurance will pay for the replacement of your roof. As always, please be sure to use all necessary safety precautions when climbing onto and walking on a roof. If your roof has a steep pitch and you do not feel comfortable getting on the roof, give us a call and we can do it for you.

The varying impact of a hailstorm on a shingle roof

  • Pre-existing condition of the roof

    An older roof that has had some wear and tear is more likely and susceptible to hail damage when compared to a roof that has recently been installed. If your roof has already had some damage done to it, it is much more likely that the hail damage will only add to the existing damage on the roof.

  • The size of the hail

    The size of the hail plays a key role in the amount of damage that occurs to the roof. As the size of the hail increases, so does the velocity at which it falls. The faster it falls, the more damage it is likely to do on your shingled roof surface.

  • Wind and falling height of the hail

    The wind has a tendency to affect the velocity at which the hail falls. Also, the higher the distance from which the hail falls will also directly affect the velocity and damage strength of the hail when it hits the roof surface.

  • Slope of the roof

    The slope of the roof compared to the angle from which the hail is coming from will also affect the amount of damage done to the roof surface.

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