Your local roofing company and roofing contractor in Clifton Park, NY

Home Evolution is your trusted local roofing company, not only in the Greater Capital Region, but especially in the Clifton Park area. We have completed hundreds of roofing projects over the years in the 50 square miles that make up Clifton Park, NY. You may have seen out trucks driving through, or maybe caught a glimpse of one of our yard signs displayed on the front yard of one of our customers homes. The homes that make up each neighborhood in the the Greater Capital Region have their own unique character. Certain neighborhoods were built by one specific contractor or land developer. We as a company inspect hundreds of roofs on a weekly basis. After a while, you start to pick up certain trends and see certain roof components fail where they shouldn’t have in specific neighborhoods.

Wether you are looking to get a roof repaired or replaced in the Country Knolls, Sherwood Forest, or anywhere in Clifton Park, you can be sure that Home Evolution will get the job done right! We offer a wide variety of roofing systems to fit your budget and are happy to have one of our highly experienced estimators do a thorough inspection of your roof and go over all of your options. A quality installation does not simply start and end with choosing a shingle color. Every roof component from your underlayment to the type of pipe boot that gets installed matters when it comes to maximizing the lifespan of your new roof installation. We combine quality roofing materials with experienced roof installers to give you a roofing system that will stand the test of time!

Home services currently offered by Home Evolution

Home Evolution offers a wide variety of exterior renovation services within the Clifton Park, NY area. Although our main focus has always been roof replacements and roof repairs, we have also grown over the years to include home services such as vinyl siding replacement, window replacements as well as attic insulation.

Roof Replacement & Roof Repairs

Pesky roof leaks can be difficult to diagnose and repair at times. Not getting a leak properly fixed can lead to more roof damage as well as mold in the attic and the interior of your home. When a roof repair is not a viable option, we offer a number of shingle roofing systems that will ensure that your home is properly covered and protected for the long run.

Flat EPDM Roof Installation

We recommend the EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) roofing system for flat roof applications for residential roofs. When properly applied using quality materials, an EPDM flat roof can easily outlast the lifespan of a shingle roof. This is why we choose the EPDM system over other flat roof systems like single ply rolled roofing and torch down roofing. A roof replacement is always an investment on your home, why not choose a system that lasts?

Did you know?

Any shallow roof slope that is less than a 2/12 pitch needs to have a flat roofing system installed on it. Water, ice and snow tend to pool in shallow roof slope areas, backing up behind the shingles, causing leaks. Although the proper ice and water underlayment goes a long way in preventing ice damming and water backup, it is a temporary solution and water will eventually make its way beneath the surface into the interior of the house. Having the proper flat roofing system installed can prevent costly interior damage and un-necessary repair costs.

Blow in Attic Insulation

Attic insulation, although vastly ignored, plays a crucial role in the overall interior climate of your home. According to an article published by the Resnet HERS Index, 90% of existing homes in America are under insulated. An under-insulated attic can also create problems like ice damming on the surface of the roof as well as moisture and mold problem in the attic cavity.

Local Areas Home Evolution Services in the Clifton Park, NY:

Bentley, Bridgewater Court, Calico Colony, Central Clifton Park, Clifton Gardens, Clifton Knolls Mill Creek, Country Knolls, Crescent Estates, Dwaaskill Bear Claw, Emmons Dr., Forest Pointe, Huntwood Estates, Northcrest Village, Oaks, Old Dater Farm, Parklane Estates, Plant Road, Robinwood Estates, Sherwood Forest, Southbury, Southwick Meadows, Sterling Heights, Via Da Vinci, Woodland Hills, Wyncrest

Do I need a roofing permit in Clifton Park, NY?

Yes, a roofing permit is required to be pulled from the town of Clifton Park, NY by any roofing contractor doing work in the area. There are certain insurance requirements that need to be on file for the roofing contractor in order for the roofing permit to be issued. Home Evolution does quite bit of roofing work and it is our responsibility to file for a roofing permit on all of our roof replacement jobs in Clifton Park, NY. For more information on roofing permits, you can visit the Town of Clifton Park website.