Giving Back to the Community

Home Evolution has been honored to be the choice roofing, siding and window installation contractor for homeowners in the Albany, NY area since 2006. Our growth over the last ten years cannot have been achieved without the continued support of the greater Albany community. That is why this year, we want to give back. Starting February 14, 2017, you will be able to nominate a well deserving homeowner in the greater Albany, NY community for a chance to win a new roof valued up to $12,000, free of charge!

How The Roof Giveaway Process Works



Nominees chosen

Voting Begins

Winner Chosen

Roof Installed

#1 – Nominations | September 15 – November 15, 2020

Who Qualifies for a New Roof?
  • Nominees must own the home they live in.
  • Must live in the Greater Albany, NY area.
  • The free roof recipient must be 18 years old.
  • Must be a shingled roof with a maximum of 24 squares.
  • The roof cannot be eligible for an insurance claim
  • The nominee needs to be someone who is deserving of a new roof but cannot afford to have their roof replaced.

How To Nominate Someone for a free roof replacement by Home Evolution

If you know of someone that has fallen on hard times or has done a lot for the Albany community but does not have the means to have their roof replaced, Home Evolution would like to help. You can nominate someone, or yourself, starting September 15, 2020. As nominations come in, Home Evolution will be choosing 6 nominees and will be adding these nominees to our Facebook page. We will be accepting nominations until November 15, 2020. To nominate an individual, click on the link below.

Nominate An Individual Here

#2 – Nominees Chosen and Added to the Home Evolution Website

During the time period of the nominations, September 15 – November 15, 2020, as nominations come in, Home Evolution will choose 6 nominations and will put them on the Home Evolution website for everyone to see the nominees. More details on the nominees will also be posted on the Home Evolution website here. Once all 6 nominees have been chosen, the nomination period will end on November 15, 2020.

Be sure to like the Home Evolution Page to stay up to date on nominees being added, voting tallies and the roof giveaway winner as all updates will be posted on our website.

#3 – Voting For Nominees | April 9-22, 2017

Once the 6 nominees are chosen, voting for these 6 nominees will begin on November 17, 2020 and will go until December 15, 2020. Voting will be done on the Home Evolution website. You will be able to vote for the nominee directly on the website.

#4 – The Winner Is Chosen | May 1, 2017

Once the 7 nominees are chosen, voting for these 7 nominees will begin on April 9, 2017 and will go until April 22, 2017. Voting will be done via Facebook as the 7 nominees will be posted on Facebook. You will be able to vote for the nominee of your choosing by “liking” the nominee of your choosing. You will be limited to casting only one vote for each nominee per Facebook account.

#5 – Roof Installed by Home Evolution

Once the winner is chosen on May 1, 2017, Home Evolution will work with the winner of the free roof replacement to schedule the work. There will also be a party hosted for the family once the roof is installed. This information will be posted on our Facebook page as well as on our website.