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Installing a flat roof on your home – Know your options

Just as with asphalt shingle installation, there are many different installation methods and substrates that can be installed. Flat roofing is usually installed on low pitched roof areas, typically on anything that is a 4/12 pitch and lower. The reason behind this method is the fact that water tends to drain slower on low pitches and even pools in certain areas. Lower pitched roofs are also more prone to snow buildup and ice damming in the wintertime. This can be an issue especially in the Capital Region where ice damming and snow buildup tend to be a more common occurrence in the wintertime. One other option for low pitched roofs can be standing metal seam, although it can be a more costly option.

Although torch down and rolled roofing can also be a viable option, we do not typically recommend them on your home as they do not have a long life expectancy and tend to become brittle quickly and the seams tend to crack with the drastic temperature changes in the Albany area. If the seams crack, water tends to pool underneath the roofing substrate as well as run behind the siding, causing rot and moisture buildup behind the siding and on the inside of your home. Having torch down roofing installed on your home can also be a risky endeavor as the seams have to be heated up with a torch and an open flame can cause a fire when close to siding as well as facia and the roofing substrate.

We recommend installing a quality EPDM roof on low pitch areas to ensure your home is properly protected. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) rubber roofing is the perfect solution for low pitches, as well as over unusually shaped structures. Since first being introduced in the seventies, EPDM roofing has proven itself to be a tough, durable, and cost effective option for residential and commercial structures. It is also a much safer method of installation as it is applied with glue rather than heat applied and there is no risk of the rubber freezing or cracking due to extreme temperatures.


plywood and ISO insulation board on roof
installing ISO board on flat roof
installing rubber roof
finished EPDM rubber flat roof black
Comes in black and white colors
Resistant to UV damage
Up to 100 ft long for minimal seams
Flexible and does not crack
Allows for structural movement
Easy to repair membrane
Resists extreme temps & hail damage
Does Not Deteriorate
Best overall value for flat roofs
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    Key Advantages to using EPDM on Flat Roofs

    There are many key advantages that make EPDM the perfect choice for low roof pitches. Most of the original EPDM roof applications first installed in the 1970’s are still holding up today. When installed properly by a qualified roofing contractor, a rubber roof can give you ling lasting protection for your roof. Although pricing may range depending on the type of underlayment and structure installed on, EPDM roofing is also one of the most cost effective options.. It is not difficult to apply and can be applied over a fiberboard or over different thicknesses of insulation (ISO) board. Adding insulation can also help insulate the interior of your home to prevent energy loss.

    Since every roof has its own unique characteristics, it is always a good idea to seek the help of a professional to determine the right roofing substrate to put on for your specific roof. Home Evolution has a highly qualified crew that specifically focuses on EPDM roof installation and repair. If you currently have a flat roof area that is leaking, you can be sure that our crew can identify the leak and work to fix it properly. It is always crucial to install flat roofing properly as low pitched areas tend to collect sitting water and can do damage to the interior of your home if not done properly. Need your roof examined? Feel free to fill out the quick estimate request form and we will get in touch with you to set up your free estimate.

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