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This is a dependable roofer. They preformed the job exactly like they said they would. They showed
up on time and completed the job in one day. I highly recommend this company.Roof Installation | 07/05/2013 | Albany, NY | A
I dealt with Igor. He and Alex are brothers. Several men arrived this morning with a foreman who never left. They were neat, courteous and a pleasure to have had working on our home. They began at 6:45 a.m. and left about 4:00 p.m. The house looks great. They used large plastic tarps they connected to the house to catch all the litter coming from the removal of the roof. At the end of the job the foreman went around the house at least 4 times to make sure the site was perfectly cleaned and they used even a leaf blower to make sure all dirt particles were removed from our outside patio. Roof Installation | 07/05/2013 | Albany, NY | A
Alex came on Tuesday and my roof was fixed by Sunday. The entire roof was done in 2 days. It looks beautiful. The price was slightly higher than others but he seemed to know what he was doing more than the others and took the time to explain it to me. I decided to go on the principle if you go cheap, you will pay for it twice and this was too big to pay for twice! As promised the yard (and the neighbor’s yard) was cleaned up of all the scraps and nails. When they took off my old roof and discovered it had planks of wood instead of plywood, they went out and got the right stuff to replace the rotten wood and didn’t charge me extra! Roof Shingle Installation | 05/03/2013 | Albany, NY | A
The team arrived early and on time. The work was completed before I returned home from work – very fast. The roof looks great and I was very happy with the detailed care they took in not only the work but the clean up as well. There was almost no sign they were even there except for a brand new roof. 6 months later and I have no complaints – great work.Roof Installation | 04/16/2013 | Albany, NY | A
From the quoting process to replacement of the roof everything went well. Owner came to our home took photos and discussed time frame and project with us. There were no surprises. The crew was very efficient on the day of replacement. cleaned up job site upon completion. New roof looks great! Roof Replacement | 04/07/2013 | Albany, NY | A
Owner did estimate, but put pressure on us (by quoting a very good price, good only on that day) to sign the contract that day. Price was good enough to sign the contract. We selected high quality shingles at his recommendation. They showed up on time, and on the agreed to day, and completed the work in two days. They coordinated the date with another contractor without complaint or negotiation. There have been no problems since the installation, during the winter.

Completely replaced roof on 2800 sq ft ranch house. Removed two layers of roofing, replaced plywood, installed architectural shingles. Coordinated their work with another contractor who was gutting and redoing our family room. Roof Replacement | 02/11/2013 | Albany, NY | A

Alex, the owner came and inspected the roof taking photos to show me what was really up there!–He reviewed roofing options and cost and timing estimate, -agreement reached , gave down payment. Alex called to say exactly which day the roofers were to be here, the shingles were delivered a few days prior. A very competent team arrived at 8AM and were done by 5 PM, roofing both a small ranch and a two stall garage. The clean-up was done well,also. Roof Installation | 12/17/2012 | Albany, NY | A
We had wind damage to our roof and called three different contractors for estimates for repair. Since our roof was greater than10 years old we heard from all three companies it would not be possible to match the roof shingles we had, parts of the roof, though not wind damaged, showed wear. Alex from Home Evolutions, using modern technology, was able to use an IPAD and show us actual photos of our roof and the reasons it was best to replace the entire roof.We felt better seeing for ourselves that it actually did need replacing.The cost was consistent with the other estimates received and we had read positive reviews about this company on Angie’s list. We felt comfortable choosing Home Evolutions. They showed up at the stated time scheduled for the estimate, for the roofing appointment and again for the gutter installation. The roofing work was all completed in one day. The workers were considerate of the plantings and shrubs, they cleaned up when finished, I was told when to expect the gutter installation, and those workers showed up as scheduled. Alex returned and checked the work, again showed us photos of the completed work which is quite difficult to see unless you are a roofer. Although our roof was just completed, we are pleased with the work and the stated 7 year guarantee. With the storm warnings from Hurricane Sandy a few days away we are happy this work was completed in such a timely manner.Roof Installation | 12/10/2012 | Albany, NY | A
These guys were really good. I have had quite a few experiences with roofers, and up until meeting these guy I honestly thought to be a roofer you had to be a drunk or crazy person to have to work on a roof.
Finally these guys have shown me that there are real professionals that will come and take care of a job the right way even if it is a roofing job.
They came and did the estimate and told me the work would happen in about 4 – 6 weeks. I was worried that the roof was leaking and told them I would go with them if they put a tarp on the roof in the mean time. At 7 am the next morning I had a guy there that tarped the roof for me. About 4 weeks later I see a load of shingles get dropped off, and the next day they were there to do the roof. These guys told me that they were going to do the work in a day, I was skeptical, but they were true to their word. They showed up with a crew of six guys, and even after I bought them lunch, and they had to stop because it rained for an hour and they still got it done by the end of the day. This was tearing off 14 square of old asbestos tile, redecking the entire roof, all shingles, all flashing, and spot less clean up, in one day flat. I actually had to leave a bit ealier, and my friend stopped by when it was pitch dark outside, and he told me they were still there cleaning up… hours after I had left, and more importantly paid. So they stayed and cleaned up when they really could have easily left.
I definitely plan on using these guys again.Roof Replacement | 12/07/2012 | Albany, NY | A
The workers arrived early in the morning following a freak October snow storm. They cleared all the snow off the roof first and then began work. The workers covered all of our landscaping with tarps and picked up all the shingles, nails and debris as soon as it fell. They kept the work site clean and tidy the entire time they worked. All the workers were friendly and worked hard. The roof looks fantastic and we have had no problems with it at all.
Unfortunately, because the ground was damp following the snow, the wheel barrow they used left a deep rut in our yard. We called Alex about it the next day, but it took months for him to respond. His initial response was that it would fill on its own. The rut was deep enough that we could see where it was, even when it was covered with snow! We had to complain several times over the course of several months before Alex sent someone with dirt and grass seed to fill the rut. In the end, our yard is fine, but it was pretty frustrating how long we had to wait and how many times we had to complain in order to have the rut fixed. Roof Replacement | 11/28/2012 | Albany, NY | A

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    The company was extremely professional. For the estimate they took photos that day while I was home, so I knew the pictures I was look at were actually my roof and not doctored. Everything was explained to me, and all my questions were answered. Once I decided to go with this company to replace my roof, they were able to start work within 2 weeks. Again, they did a fantastic job, and were very helpful whenever I had questions. My new roof looks great, and I have no doubt that it will last a long time.

    My entire roof needed to be replaced – it was so bad there was exposed wood in some places. The crew came and removed the entire old roof and put on the new one in one day! When they left there was not a trace of the materials, waste, or anything. They did a fantastic job when removing the roof and the resulting debris. My new roof looks wonderful! Roof Replacement | 11/13/2012 | Albany, NY | A

    I contacted 4 of the best-reviewed roofers on Angie’s List for estimates. Three responded quickly and set up appointments with me. A fourth called me over a week later, after we had already gotten other estimates and made our choice. I got 3 estimates, all within a couple hundred dollars of each other.
    Alex represents this family-owned business as the front man and sales rep. As at least one other reviewer wrote, he comes with a clear agenda: to get you to sign up with him on his first visit. He has a full presentation set up on his iPad, and he goes through it with you quickly but thoroughly. We had a lot of questions, and he answered them all to our satisfaction. We had done a home inspection in preparation for possibly putting our house on the market, and the inspector failed the roof. We went over the entire roof inspection report with Alex, and he seemed knowledgeable about all the issues raised and told us how he’d address them.
    He had a sample book of the IKO shingles (Cambridge style) he likes to use (though he was willing to do other mfr shingles if we wanted). He sells IKO shingles based on the assertion that they are thicker and heavier than others, which, among other things, helps the installers lay down the shingles more easily and with better coverage than when they use lighter shingles. I had never heard of IKO shingles, so I did some web research and found a lot of negative comments about them–mostly from older postings, rating styles other than Cambridge, and also mostly from warm-weather climates. I’ve done a fair amount of web marketing and web research and know that if you Google a product, often you find the negative comments at the top of the Google results, and often these results come from situations not like yours. If you drill down the results list a bit, you start to see other viewpoints. People in cold states like Minnesota, Michigan, the Plains states, and up in Canada really seemed to like the IKO shingles, especially the Cambridge shingles.
    Alex pushed hard for the sale, but in a pleasant way. We discussed price and he reduced his original quote a couple of times. When he got to a point where he pretty much matched the 2 other quotes we had, we decided to go with him. He said we could pay by check or credit card and asked for only a small deposit up front. The rest would be payable upon completion of the job. He said he could schedule the job to occur in a little less than 2 weeks. He said we’d know the exact date because the shingles would be delivered to our house the day before the installation. He told us that his friend, Sergey, would be the foreman on the project.
    The shingles arrived in a pre-marked spot on our lawn only about a week later. We were surprised at how fast they scheduled the job. In fact, we had to postpone our driveway sealing, which had been set for the next day. Also, we hadn’t had time to move cash into our checking account because they were coming sooner than we thought, but we knew that we could put it on our credit card (and get points for that, too, as Alex was quick to suggest at the sale).
    Sure enough, Sergey was at our door at 8 the following morning, along with a crew of maybe 6 workers. He went over the job with me, reviewing the contract and the couple of additions Alex said he would take care of, and then they got to work. Sergey himself came in and did the attic work while the others started removing the shingles–which gave him some light and air up in that space. Good planning.
    I was working in the house all day (yes, it got pretty noisy at times), so I couldn’t really see what was going on outside. A neighbor told me later he was standing outside watching them work and he couldn’t believe their speed and efficiency. He had just had his roof done by someone else a couple of years ago–exact same house model, size, shape, etc. He was very impressed with the way they worked and with the results, and also how they had 1 or 2 people cleaning up around the house almost throughout the job. The guy who mows my lawn knew we had done the roof done, and he was careful the following week, looking for nails that might ruin his mower. He found only one little thing in the flower bed near our house–otherwise the cleanup was immaculate.
    Sergey watched over the workers’ progress. Later in the afternoon, during the very last stages of the work, about 3:30, if I remember correctly, Alex’s brother (I think his name was Boris) came by to go over everything with me. He, too, went over the contract and made sure they had done everything promised. They had. He checked the cleanup. It looked great. We looked at the roof lines and vents and edges all the way around the house, and all looked good. I gave him my credit card, apologizing that we couldn’t give him a check because they got to the job before we could get the money into the bank, and he accepted it, had me fill out the charge paperwork, and the credit card charge was applied accurately within a couple of days.
    The job was started at 8 and everything was done per contract for the entire roof replacement and everyone was gone by 4pm. They did a great job. I waited a few weeks before posting this review to make sure the roof didn’t cave in or show signs of leaking. So far so good!
    Highly recommended. Roof Installation| 11/13/2012 | Albany, NY | A
    We found Alex very knowledgable about his trade. He was thorough with his estimate and initial examination of our roof and skylights. He performed the services much sooner than his initial time estimate and even did so without us being home. The workers (from what we could assess after the fact) did the job in one day and cleaned up the debris nicely. When we returned home, we couldn’t tell anyone had worked in the yard. The follow-up visit to finish the inside moulding around the skylights was prompt and we were very pleased with the workmanship. Our overall experience with Alex &co. was very good and we are recommending him to a good friend of ours who needs a new roof.
    Roof Installation| 10/19/2012 | Albany, NY | A

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      Alex’s roofing crew came and in one day removed and replaced the entire roof, 31 square. They were excellent and professional, putting paper and ice dam materials, where there had been none previously. They removed all the remnants of what they removed and swept the area for nails (haven’t found any yet.) Serge, the carpenter, replaced the freeze boards and rotted siding, He replaced the underlayment on a section of the wall as well as the insulation. He was excellent and neat. He told me when he would be there and arrived punctually. Alex was right in saying, ” Serge is my best man”. Both Serge, and the 6 man roofing crew, were professional and excellent craftsmen.Roof Installation | 10/06/2012 | Albany, NY | A
      Price was very competitive and professionalism was exceptional. Would definitely recommend to others an use in the future for other home projects. Roof Installation | 10/01/2012 | Albany, NY | A
      Alex was quick to respond to an estimate request. The original shingles quoted were a brand I had never heard of (IKO) but Alex allowed me change the order to Owens Corning without hesitation. Company gave adequate notice as to when they were to perform the work. When the work was completed (in one day) the roof looked good, all lines nice and straight. The crew took great care protecting our landscaping and property from damage. They did an excellent job cleaning up after the work. We had a couple of problems that I reported to Alex and he responded the same day promising to fix whatever needed to be within a couple of days. Upon arrival and without hesitation or questions the corrective work was performed by their most skilled employee at no additional cost. I was completely satisfied with the overall job and feel that we got good service for the price. I also feel confident that Home Evolution will stand by their workmanship for years, just as their contract states.

      May 2013: I wanted to provide an update on some additional service Home Evolution provided. After our roof was done several leaks appeared in our mudroom where the room butts against the house. The little room was re-shingled with the rest of the house and I thought perhaps the flashing needed to be re-done. I called Alex in Sept and he had one of his workers come over and put new flashing and some additional seal under the vinyl siding above the roof but the leak persisted. I called again in January to report that the leak was worse. Alex was quick to respond and get us on the schedule for early spring once the weather improved. It appeared unlikely that the new roof was the cause of the problem so Alex’s workman checked the siding and trim around a window above the mudroom. He discovered the cause of the leak above the window, removed the siding up to above the problem and resealed around the window. This work had nothing to do with the roofing job and was above and beyond the work Home Evolution was hired to do. Despite that Alex was more concerned that we would be happy with the service and quality his company provides and would not charge us for the visit, materials or work even though it had nothing to do with the roofing job they did. After all the rain we’ve been having I was very pleased to find we no longer have a leak in the mudroom thanks to the excellent work and service Home Evolution provided. Once we can save some money to have the house’s siding done I’ll be calling Alex.Roof Installation | 08/15/2012 | Albany, NY | A

      Removed all the old shingles. Replaced with new. They showed up when they said they would, did the work, cleaned up the area. Though the work was done relatively recently and it may be too soon to reach a judgement, we have had no problems with the new roof. Big improvement since the old roof leaked badly.Roof Replacement | 07/15/2012 | Albany, NY | A
      Alex arrived on time for the estimate, inspected the roof, took photos of damaged shingles, and then sat down to discuss his proposal. It was clear that we needed a new roof and based on his high rating on Angie’s List, detailed proposal, and price we decided to have Home Evolution do the work.
      We agreed on the date, the crew came as scheduled, removed old roof, replaced flashing, and installed the new roof. As promised, the whole job, including removal of all debris, was completed in one day.Replace Roof | 07/13/2012 | Albany, NY | A
      I am STILL amazed at the speed the work was completed. The quality and honest workmanship is beyond what I expected. I will be using Home Evolutions again. You can read what happened start to finish where I described the work. All materials and mess was cleaned up the same day. Both old roofs disposed of. My yard looks fine, no damage. All the the workers were polite and respectful.

      Two old roofs removed, rotten wood replaced, new roof installed, ridge vent installed, plywood storage area built in attic. All in ONE day. Another day was needed to repair the rotted wood in my garage and rebuild my garage door frame. Also, reinstalled vinyl siding around garage with new leak prevention system installed. Installed new fascia on a portion of the house that required repair.Replace Roof & Vinyl Siding Repair | 07/03/2012 | Albany, NY | A

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