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He’s very quiet and he did a very good job. I was worried about any shingles being broken, but
everything turned out fine.Roof Install | 09/28/2016 | Albany, NY | A
Very professional, did more than contracted = re-caulked gutters for me. Work completed in one day, start to finish. Typically I’d question getting all this done on one day, 2500 sq foot home. But watching the well coordinated team work the job was done right. Quote was cheaper than other quotes, and included more work and higher quality material. Only negative, it was a bit windy that day and a lot of plastic blew around into our woods. One large piece high in a tree could not be retrieved. 98% of all debris was picked up. Just some blown into woods was missed. They did walk through with me picking up those wind blown bits. So my complaint is minimal, just think maybe one guy should have been policing wind blown stuff on that windy day. Other compliant, we had one shingle bowed that didn’t look like it was settling down. After a month of hot weather I called, left a message and never got a reply. But I only called once, and a month later the shingle did settle flat. Over all; I would highly recommend Home Evolution. Fair price for high quality work and material.Roof Tear Off and Re-Shingle| 08/13/2016 | Albany, NY | A
Home evolutions is great. My roof looks super. All were professional,experienced,highly skilled. You
couldnt even tell they were here. I would recommend them.New Roof Installation | 08/09/2016 | Albany, NY | A
Home Evolution did a fantastic job replacing our worn out roof. From the initial contact to the completion of the job, everything went as smoothly as expected. The roof looks fantastic and the clean up is beyond compare.

Thanks for a job well done.New Roof Installation | 04/01/2016 | Albany, NY | A

Company setup for appointment was very easy and flexible. Came to my home and spent about an hour with me talking about the process and showing me videos of their roofing team at work. Explained to me the difference in products on the market. I was very impressed and signed a contract on the spot. New roof was scheduled to be installed with in two weeks after signing the contract and the team took off my old roof and put on the new roof in the same day. House looks amazing and the team did a very thorough job to clean up and make sure the finished product was completed and installed to my satisfaction. Roof Replacement | 03/30/2016 | Albany, NY | A
Alex came to inspect my roof and recommend a course of action. He took a video during the inspection, being sure to show it was my house and roof I was looking at. It was obvious the roof was in bad shape, but that was only clear because he took the time to actually get on the roof. Other roofers looked at the roof from the ground to price the job and because of that they missed a serious problem in need of immediate attention. Alex showed me the video and explained all aspects of what the job would entail in great detail. He also provided samples of all materials that he proposed using. He priced the job fairly and competitively. I signed with him and within two hours two of his workers showed up to place a tarp over a previously unknown exposed area at the peak of the roof. A week later the large team of roofers headed by Ivan, arrived at 7:15 am. They worked diligently and efficiently throughout the day. Any questions or concerns I had were quickly and courteously addressed by Ivan. Except for a very short lunch break they all worked tirelessly until 8:20 pm. I was extremely impressed by the work ethic and level of professionalism exhibited by each and every member of the team. Because it was dark when they left Ivan sent a man out to make sure that the work site was completely cleaned up the next morning. A few hours later Ivan came himself to inspect the finished roof and grounds. Both were impeccable. It was a pleasure doing business with a company that obviously takes great pride in the quality of their work. I have already wholeheartedly recommended them to two friends. New Roof Installation | 03/30/2016 | Albany, NY | A
They were punctual and professional. It did cost more than I expected since it was not the entire roof and and just the back section but I’ll believe the cost justified what needed to be done. They worked all day and cleaned up everything before leaving. I called them up a couple of times afterwards with potential concerns I had and they got back to me fast and was very willing to look into whatever concerns I had. I thought I might have had a leak since the floor guys said the floors were moist (my floors were being refinished at the time) and they were willing to come out on Christmas Eve. Floors have been fine since then so I don’t think there was a leak. I am willing to use Home Evolution again as I have some more work to do for my house. Fixed Roof Section | 01/13/2016 | Albany, NY | A
The diagnosis of the problems with the roof and the proposal for repair were based on a very thorough examination of the interior water damage to the house and a complete roof-top inspection. Home Evolution’s representative took pictures, which he used to explain to us why the roof was leaking so badly. He also explained why each and every item in his proposal was necessary.
In addition, he gave us a very accurate prediction of when the work would be done and how long it would take. The workers were extremely polite and, once the job was complete, they did a thorough job of showing us just what had been done.
The entire roof looks much, much better than it did before Home Evolution did their work. Moreover, it appears to finally be keeping the rain out. All and all, Home Evolution did a very professional A+ job.Various Roof Leaks Fixed | 01/02/2016 | Albany, NY | A

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    Business was immediately responsive from original call through completion of repairs. Alex came to home, discussed the issue and looked over the job. He immediately discussed and explained repairs in detail, showed samples of products proposed to be used, and gave a written job estimate and projected completion date. He freely discussed all phases of the job. Once contract was executed, we received a call prior to the workers coming to our home, as we were told we would. The repairs were quickly made and all materials were cleaned up, both on the roof and around our home, and all trash was taken away. To date, the repairs appear to have FINALLY resolved this continual leak! For this, we could not be happier! Repair was not cheap, but as long as it hold and this problem is solved, it is worth the cost! As a consumer, you hopefully get the quality of services that you pay for, and in this case, I feel confident that we have received a professional, quality repair service! Thank you, Home Evolution! Roof Repairs | 12/29/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    It was absolutely good. They were professional, courteous, prompt. They did a great job explaining what they would do, reviewing our options. And they did what they said. They protected our landscaping and everything surrounding the house. Cleaned up well and were in and out in one day. They also worked with us on pricing to come up with a price within our budget.Roof Repairs | 12/03/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    They were prompt, got the job done quickly, cleaned up before they left. I would highly recommend them! After speaking to other roofers I can say that I am delighted to have found Home Evolution. They were EXCELLENT an I HIGHLY recomend them. Roof Replacement | 11/10/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    On the day the roof was to be replaced, rain was forecast later in the day. The roofers came with a crew of 9 hoping to beat the rain, and they did. They were very efficient, professional and we couldn’t be more pleased with the job they did. The roof looks great and they did an excellent clean-up. We would highly recommend them. There were a couple of follow up details regarding a vent and some caulking. We did not need to remind them; they called us to schedule a time to take care of them. Roof Replacement | 11/05/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    I thought they were a good company. I would use them again, and also recommend them to anyone. Roman came and explained all of the roof issues I was having. Virginia and Victoria in the office were very nice to deal with also.Roof Replacement | 10/20/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    Reported on time and as promised. Worked from sun rise to sun set to get the job done as promised. One of the hardest working group of men I’ve ever seen providing a great job at a great value. Would hire again in a heart beat for they did an awesome job. Strictly an A+ company to hire and work with.
    Roof Tear Off and Replacement | 09/29/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    They came early in the morning and left by late afternoon. We have a large home and they were very prompt and worked hard all day. I was amazed at how quickly they took off the old shingles and put new ones on. I would recommend them to others! Roof Replacement | 09/28/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    Our 2 story colonial’s roof was 30 years old (estimated life of the existing shingles).
    Home Evolution responded to our request for an inspection/quote very quickly. The inspector walked the entire roof and inspected it. The inspector said the roof wasn’t in bad shape. He pointed out a few curled/cracked shingles. When asked, he said that it’s possible the roof would be good for another year or two (no promises, of course). The inspector explained their process and the standard materials that they use. Price was reasonable. References were good. Angie’s List reviews in the Albany area were good as well. We scheduled work to occur in 2 weeks.
    Home Evolution delivered the materials one day in advance. This allowed us to confirm that the materials were consistent with the materials in our quote.
    Home Evolution appeared early the next morning as scheduled. The work was completed in a professional manner, according the specifications we agreed on. Roofers were skilled, hard working, professional and courteous. Supervisor was on the site for most of the day and answered all questions. Upon completion of the roof, the crew removed all shingles and roofing debris from the yard and ran a magnetic roller to pick up nails.
    All work was completed exactly as promised in a single day. Roof Replacement | 09/24/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    Everything went well. The crew worked a long day and finished the job. We are very happy with the whole experience.Roof Replacement | 09/22/2015 | Albany, NY | A
    They were prompted, finished the job in half a day. There was very little noise, they cleaned the area upon completion of the job. I am very happy with the job and all the employees of Home Evolution. When I first contacted them I reached a person not someone’s voice mail. They set up the appointment for a sight visit within the week of contacting them. During the visit it was clear that they were very knowledgeable about the products, time frame and what the job entailed. I received quote from another vendor, however I just felt so comfortable with everyone involved that I had to choose Home Evolution, and I’m glad that I did. Skylight Installation | 09/22/2015 | Albany, NY | A

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      Job was professionally scoped and explained by Alex, including descriptions of products to be used and what to expect. Especially liked their “one job at a time” policy and anticipated one day to complete the project. His crew arrived first thing, as promised and went right at it. Shrubs and deck were well protected during the shingle removal – thank you! – and everything went very smoothly. On site supervisor was there all day to answer questions, which was helpful. Job turned out very well and we’re very happy with the results. Overall, an A+, and we’d highly recommend Home Evolutions to others in need of a new roof. Old Skylight Removal & New Skylight Installation | 08/14/2015 | Albany, NY | A
      Total tear-off of old roof. Full ice and water coverage. Installed shingles and ridge vents. Arrival to departure 3 1/2 hours. Not one scrap of debris on the ground when they left.. High quality job. Roof Replacement | 08/01/2015 | Albany, NY | A
      Excellent service. Roof and skylights look great.Roof & Skylight Installation | 07/30/2015 | Albany, NY | A
      Very friendly and punctual. Work was performed in 1 day. Great customer service. A loose shingle
      we noticed 1 week later was fixed the same day!Roof Installation | 07/14/2015 | Albany, NY | A
      It went very fast! Within two hours the old roof was off and they had started to repair the few places that needed new roof deck. The installation included a new ridge vent, all new drip edge and ice shield everywhere it was required. The new shingles look great! From start to finish, it was done in about seven hours. Roof Installation | 07/13/2015 | Albany, NY | A
      They fully replaced our roof for our house and garage including having to replace several sheets of plywood and reinforce several rafters. The job was completed in one day as promised, despite having to cleanup in a server thunderstorm. The quality of work is excellent , they are easy to work and are prompt in returning calls and emails.
      I contacted seven contractors for a new roof and they were the only ones that went up on the roof and take pictures. That first impression got them the job.. the completed job makes me a very satisfied customer.

      ~Reasonable ~Professional ~ Timely.~ Highly recommended! Reinforce Rafters & Roof Installation | 06/17/2015 | Albany, NY | A

      Thumbs up for Home Evolution (HE).

      I had HE put a new architectural asphalt shingle roof on my
      house and shed. They were very
      professional and did an excellent job.

      All aspects of the job from the initial quote, to answering
      questions via phone or e-mail, to delivering material, and to installation were
      done on time and as promised.

      When I requested a change in shingle manufacturer, HE
      readily agreed to my request.

      The actual work was completed in one day. HE was careful to protect the landscaping and
      cleaned up all the debris and even power swept my garage floor, driveway and

      I could not be more pleased with Home Evolution’s work. Reinforce Rafters & Roof Installation | 05/29/2015 | Albany, NY | A

      Courteous, clean, fast, prompt, professional.
      Roof seems great, everything was as quoted.
      Vendor does try to sell up-charges in modified ridge vents, and does mail the home with offers subsequent to work, but the work as contracted was done well, exactly as requested. New Roof Installation | 05/19/2015 | Albany, NY | A
      Alex and his roofing crew showed up when they said they would and got the job done. Very professional from estimate to coming back afterward to inspect the job. I even had a question in the spring of this year and Alex sent a crew to talk to me and review the roof job again. The price was the best of 3 estimates I received as well. Roof Replacement | 05/19/2015 | Albany, NY | A
      I was completely satisfied with the end result. The job foreman and his crew were extremely professional, and polite.

      They were continuously working and not wasting time. As I watched them work, if I had any questions about the job, they

      were very informative…………We were completely satisfied with every aspect that this company provided to us, and we would

      recommend them to anyone that is searching for a great roofing company.Roof Replacement & Velux Skylight Install | 04/30/2015 | Albany, NY | A

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