The Benefits of IKO Roofing

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benefits of iko roofing shingles

We take pride in using the best products for our customers. That is why we offer IKO Roofing Systems and shingles. From shingles to entire roofing systems, complete with eave protection, underlayment, and roof starters, IKO is setting the bar high when it comes to protecting your home. There are many benefits to choosing IKO for your roofing needs. We’ve … Read More

The 5 Important Questions to Ask Your Contractor

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contractor with customers

When meeting with your contractor, there are crucial questions that are very important for you to ask. This way, you’ll ensure that you have as much information as possible about what is being done and be able to make the best decisions possible for your situation. Here are the top 5 questions you should be asking your contractor: 1. Is … Read More

5 Steps to a Roof Inspection

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Roofer Working On Exterior Of New Home

You might not have thought about it, but your roof is an essential part of your home and needs to be inspected to ensure there are no problems with it. At the very least, roof inspections should take place yearly. However, winter and spring tend to be the worst conditions for roofs, so you should do your inspections during and/or … Read More

How to Assess Your Roof for Winter Damage

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damaged roof shingles, roof repair albany ny

Your roof’s shingles are designed to protect your home during inclement weather. The winter months can cause major problems and detecting any issues and getting them taken care of quickly are important. Snow, heavy winds, sleet, and damaging hail storms can lead to potentially costly damage. Even if the damage isn’t immediately affecting your home and the inside of your … Read More

Home Evolution – We’re NOT Just Homes!

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man working on a roof

Did you know that Home Evolution doesn’t only do projects involving residential properties? That’s right! We’re your go-to window, roofing, and siding masters, even for your business! We can provide service to any business/commercial property in the Albany and Saratoga, NY region! You can expect the same quality and professionalism that you already get for your home, with replacements and … Read More

Ice Dams – A Winter Hassle

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ice dam in Albany

Preventing Ice Dams in Albany While the Northeast winters bring the joys of skiing and sledding, and the beautiful backdrop of snowcapped mountains, they also bring some unwanted headaches. One in particular can cause serious damage to your roof and home… ice dams. Ice dams are those chunks of ice that form along the edges of your roof. While frozen, … Read More