Spring Checklist

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With spring officially underway, it’s time to get the tools and cleaning supplies out! Although for the most part we’ve had a pretty mild winter, it is very important to do an annual inspection on the exterior of your home to see if anything needs to be attended to. Avoiding problems with your home exterior can be a costly mistake … Read More

Roofing Scams and How to Stay Alert

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roof scams in albany ny

Honest, trustworthy, and reliable roofing contractors are having a difficult time dealing with the bad reputations left behind by scammers posing as roofing contractors. These scammers have been taking advantage of customers for years with many different types of schemes. People entrust their hard earned money with contractors who say they’ll do one thing but don’t follow through with their … Read More

Roof Replacement in Albany NY

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Roof Replacement in Albany NY

The Albany area is always getting hit with treacherous weather, weather that has a long-standing effect on the status of your shingle roof. Usually roofs that haven’t been maintained or have been installed incorrectly will face the negative effects of this bad weather. Over time a roof replacement will be needed to fix the big problem. When getting a new … Read More

Roofing in Albany NY

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roofing in albany

Shingles roofs are a majority of our repairs and replacements, the shingles on a home if installed correctly can last anywhere from 20 to 25 years. That’s why it’s a popular choice when it comes to roofing. Shingle roofs can be installed in one full day’s work depending on the size of a roof and how many employees are on … Read More

Roof Repair vs Roof Replacement

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roof repair schenectady

When a home owner has issues with their roof, a lot of times it comes down to either a repair or replacement. What makes this a big subject is that a lot of times people are not sure whether their roof needs one or the other. In today’s post, we’ll get into the details of what consists of a repair … Read More

Get Rid Of Roof Leaks

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To get rid of roof leaks your best bet is to nip it in the bud and stop it before it becomes a bigger problem. Having a roof that’s in tip top shape is essential to a long-lasting home. Making sure that what you have is in good stance will help you in the long haul. Take some time and … Read More

Roofing contractors in Schenectady NY replacing a new roof

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Our roofing contractors in Schenectady NY have been gathering some information for people who are looking to get a new roof installed. Either your looking for a roof replacement or your building your home and need a roof, our contractors can help you. Today’s post will discuss the process and some reasons people choose to get a replacement and some … Read More

Roofing contractors in Guilderland helping during the holidays

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roofing contractors in Guilderland

With the holidays upon us, getting your home ready with nice lights and decorations can be a task to some. What makes the seasons holidays feel like the holidays is getting the warm feeling when everything around the house is festive. After speaking to our roofing contractors in Guilderland about safety and techniques for setting up holiday decorations, we have … Read More

Questions from customers on roofing and siding in Clifton Park.

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clifton park roofing siding and window replacement

We took some of the most asked questions on our roofing, siding and windows in clifton park and answered them the best way we know how. We hope that some of these questions will help you with your seasonal activities, like hanging Christmas lights on your home, or shoveling snow off your roof. What are the questions you have about … Read More