Winter Roofing Pros and Cons



Should roofing be done in the winter? The simple answer is… it depends. While it’s not ideal to have workers on rooftops in difficult conditions, there are benefits and often times needs to be on the roof in the winter.

A few CONs of winter roofing include:

Asphalt shingles are applied with seal strips and if inappropriately installed can allow snow to blow under them or wind to lift them.
Shingles may become brittle in the cold so cold-weather installation could lead to breakage.

A few PROs of winter roofing include:

Many problems are identified easier in extreme conditions.
Early identification and repair/replacement could stop very expensive home and property damages.

The decision of whether or not to work on your roof during the winter should be on an individual basis and dependent on the risks involved and the educated decisions of the homeowner and a professional roofer. If you have any questions about whether to have work done on your roof in the winter or not, or are experiencing problems or damage to your roof contact the professionals at Home Evolution right away.