Wind Can Damage Your Roof – Timely Roof Repair in Albany is Important


wind damaged roof

Roof Repair in Albany

In New York, you do not have to worry too much about tornadoes, but the state still has extreme weather conditions. From hail to heavy rain to snow, your roof takes a significant beating throughout the year. After each storm, you wonder if your roof has been damaged, but one storm type you may not consider dangerous is that of wind. Wind can damage your roof just like hail, and depending on the age of your roof, it may not take high winds to do the deed. Experienced roofing contractors can ensure timely roof repair for your Albany home.

How Can Wind Damage My Roof?

Wind does not move uniformly over your rooftop. Instead, areas like the perimeter and corner are susceptible to higher wind. Most wind damage is seen at the edge of your roof and anywhere the roofing material can become loose over time. As the wind blows, it gets under these loose roofing materials and pushes it up to create a peeling effect across the entire roof. The damage may be small at first, but after repeated exposure, you will notice that the damage can grow quite significantly.

Once your roofing material is pushed up and exposed, the rain and other elements can get into the insulation and cause leaks or water damage inside your home.

Also, debris flying in the air and trees can damage your rooftop in a windstorm. As this debris gets pushed around, it can dent your roof, break shingles or pull shingles from their place.

Checking Your Roof After a Windstorm—Call in Professional Roofing Contractors

Even after a minor windstorm, you should check your roof for any signs of damage by:

1. Inspecting Outside – Look for any missing or damaged shingles. Damaged shingles may appear curled, cracked or torn from their place. Also, inspect your roof flashing, gutters, and ventilation pipes. Any signs of decay, stains on the roof or buckling must be repaired right away.
2. Inspect Inside – Look inside your attic for signs of moisture, peeling paint or damp rafters. These all indicate roof damage and prove that moisture is now entering your home.
3. Contact established Roofing Contractors – Once you have determined the damage, call in a professional for roof repair in Albany, NY. A skilled roof repair technician will perform an inspection to identify problem areas with your roof. Sometimes all you will need is a spot repair, while other times you may require a new roof.

Home Evolution offers quality roof repair in Albany, NY. Our roofing contractors can come to your home after a storm to perform a professional inspection. If we notice signs of damage, we will offer on-site estimates and can repair your roof quickly to prevent further damage.

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