What goes into a roof installation?

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So, What goes into a roof installation?

When people expect to get their roof replaced, most times the person doesn’t fully understand what goes into a roof replacement. We spoke to some of our roofing specialists in Saratoga Springs, NY to get a general explanation. Today we will find out what goes into a roof installation? We’ll go through some of those steps that take place when a replacement occurs.

Roof Replacement Safety

Before any roof tear down is to occur, our Saratoga Springs roofing crew sets up points on top of the ridges of the roof. These said points secure the lines, they attach the lines to their harnesses to keep them from falling off the roof. Safety is a major concern when working on a roof, making sure that the roofers have all the necessary safety equipment is essential to a safe working environment.

Stripping Down the Roof

What goes into a roof installation?

When the roofers get done with all that is safety, they get right to work with the tear down. Tarps are set up at the end of most edges of the roof to keep all the plants and various items on your lawn safe. The crew will start from the top of the roof and work their way down, scraping off the old shingles. They use specialized tools for the easiest and most effective tear down procedure. All the material will glide down the tarps and onto the ground. Ground material is cleaned throughout the roof installation and thrown into a dumpster. After all the shingles are striped, our specialists look out for nails that are exposed. After everything is cleaned, two of the roofers will go and blow the roof down with a leaf blower to make sure there’s no loose nails laying on the roof.

Check Plywood Sheathing for Damages

What goes into a roof installation?

Once everything is cleaned off, you will be able to see if there are any damages to the plywood sheathing. Most times if the roof is being replaced, its due to a leak. Leaky roofs will leave rot, holes, and black streaks in the sheathing which is very easy to spot. If there is damaged sheathing, it will need to be replaced to have a good, strong, and sturdy roof. Also during this time the drip edge gets replaced.

Roofing Underlayment Installation

What goes into a roof installation?

After everything checks out, 6ft of Ice and water shield gets laid down starting from the bottom working its way up. Ice and water shield is laid down on the lower 6ft and around dormers and low pitched areas along with the valleys of a house. Its laid down there because, snow and ice is most common to collect and sit there. After ice and water is installed, then it’s time to finish off the roof with synthetic underlayment to protect the decking underneath. Synthetic underlayment is strong and easier to work with, unlike traditional felt. Synthetic doesn’t buckle or crack, it has better gripping power when stepped on, making it great for our roofers.

Shingle Installation

What goes into a roof installation?

Once the underlayment is installed it’s time for shingle installation to begin. Bundles of shingles are heavy and getting them up on the roof is a task all on its own. Our roofing specialists have a machine that attaches to a ladder and acts as an elevator bringing up the bundles’ easily. Depending on the size of the roof, bringing materials to the roof can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. After most of the bundles are on the roof, the roofing crew begins to install the shingles. This is the most time consuming, taking time and making sure lines are straight and even is a big part of the time build up. Shingles around dormers and valleys take a bit longer to install because of precise cuts needing to be made. After the shingles, a ridge vent is installed, then shingle caps are hand nailed right on top of it to finish off the roof. The roofing crew checks all around the roof to make sure nothing was missed. As soon as they’re done checking, they clean up any leftover material or debris left on the roof.

Roof Replacement Clean up

What goes into a roof installation?

At this point many things have fallen from the roof, usually there’s so much garbage that it takes the clean-up crew the entire roof install to finish. All the garbage gets cleaned up and thrown into the dumpster that we provide. After the roofers are done with the full installation they will help the clean-up crew finish as well. 3 Magnet rollers are used throughout the entire yard numerous times to make sure that there’s no nails left unfound. Once that is complete, then it’s one last look around before they head out. Then the last thing the foreman does on the job is talk with the customer to make sure that everything is to their liking.

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