Was My Shingle Roof Installed Correctly?


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Was my shingle roof installed correctly?

Shingle roof installation is a process that requires patience and experience. Some contractors like to cut corners and when corners get cut, your roof gets hurt. We at Home Evolution Strive to exceed the rest and treat every shingle repair as if it was on our own home. In this blog we talk about some of the short cuts other roofing companies try to get away with, and how you can make sure your home is in the hands of a good contractor.

Incorrect moisture protection

When installing shingles self-employed contractors can get away with a lot of short cuts that could cause damage to your home. There should be a checks and balances with every business/company to make sure that the jobs are being done correctly. Each shingle installation should have a roofing felt, which acts as a membrane that protects the plywood sheathing that sits on the rafters. Some contractors try to skip these steps to save time. When this step is skipped, the lack of roofing felt causes an increase for a potential leak and major rotting and damage to your roof. We also highly recommend adding an ice and water shield to your roof for more protection.

Shingle Installation Repair

Companies that reuse old material should not be trusted. When other contractors reuse flashing its already had its use, and a second use may cause damage to your roof through moisture buildup. Countless times a puncture in the flashing can cause water damage. As we said before and say again, check the repair jobs of your contractors because some don’t follow the rules, they cheat or make mistakes. Many times our Home Evolution contractors get calls, to come to homes with work previously done by regular joe contractors. These repairs are made up of poor nailing which can cause a shingle to slide, whether it’s in to deep or it’s at a wrong angle, nails that aren’t in correctly could potentially damage your roof. Take some precautions and check their work, get up on the roof with the proper equipment needed and take a look for yourself. Be careful.