Top Three Amateur Repair Mistakes


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Most people these days like to receive cheaper products and services. Understand that cheaper isn’t necessarily better but sometimes worse. We all know that in today’s economy saving a bit on repairs/replacements is helpful. In today’s post we’ll show you some of the amateur mistakes that cheap contractors make.

Did You Forget Something?

After talking with roofing specialists in Gansevoort NY, we know the everyday problems that customers face when hiring a cheap contractor. People that get their roof replaced for cheap will face the facts that most of their roofs don’t have the proper materials. Roofing underlayment is a major part of the replacement, and when a cheap contractor comes in and uses old felt it’s not always a good situation. Traditional felt is outdated and replaced by synthetic; which is better for both the roofer and your home, giving it more protection from water seeping into the plywood and giving the roofers more grip when standing on it. There are roofers who totally skip adding roofing underlayment to save a bit of time and money. This is why you check to make sure they’re following the right steps when repairing or replacing your roof. Ice and water shield is also needed in between valleys, around skylights, and on the low pitch areas of the roof. Forgetting or skipping these materials in the replacement of your roof is the reason your roof will sprout leaks. No underlayment, no ice and water shield, and using old felt is what makes an install an amateur one.

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Was This Installed Correctly?

When a roofing company comes in and in installs or repairs your roof many things can go wrong. Most armatures will not follow the correct steps when it comes to installing shingles. They will overlap the shingles and line them up multiple times making small crevasse for water to get into your home. Sometimes they will not nail the shingles in correctly and that will result in total devastation of your roof. There have been times where shingles were installed right on top of the old ones. It’s a very scary situation for the home owners, so always check up on the job. From the home owner’s perspective its always attractive to hear a really cheap price, but know that a cheap price will result in a cheap job. These amateurs will often do windows and siding, they will most likely butcher it up as well. Learn more on what to look out for when checking windows and siding
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Wait, Is This New?

Homeowners need to know that if something still looks presentable doesn’t mean it’s reusable. Like mentioned before, reusing old material is a big minus in the integrity of your roof. For example, chimney flashing being reused will often lead to leaks and moisture build up. It’s not the same after one use, it will most likely be damaged or weathered due to long exposure throughout the seasons. Homeowners need to get on the roof and check, but be careful!

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