The Signs of a Leaky Roof



Finding the root of the leak

Time is of the essence, locating the root of a leak is the most essential part to getting your roof back in good health. By finding the leak you will be able to determine what kind of repair is going to be needed and the amount it will cost. Most times a leak from the roof is caused by ruined shingles that slide out of place, due to poor installations and/or severe weather storms. You can also narrow the search by climbing into the attic and taking a look at the plywood sheathing. Most times if there’s a leak you will be able find mold, wet streaks, and sometimes holes in the plywood. Sometimes, a musty smell left behind from dripping water could point in the direction that there’s a problem. As well, rotting and long term exposure to rain are major causes of leaks. And if you can’t find the culprit it’s time to call us at Home Evolution. We assess damages on a daily basis, our Schenectady roofing contractors are great at finding mistakes previous roofers leave behind. If you want to find quality service look no further.

Preventing roof leaks

Things that could prevent leaks are often common sense but by keeping your eyes peeled and looking out for telling signs could prevent your roof from leaking. Here we put up a list of some of the major reasons you might sprout a leak…
-Shifted/damaged shingles
-Mold spots appearing on the ceiling
-Mistakes in flashing installation
-Peeling paint on drywall
Don’t procrastinate and stall, check now and worry later. That could be the difference from saving the roof and paying for a new one. Get a hold of a contractor here at Home Evolution, to check and see if there’s an issue with your roof leaking. We’ll be happy giving you more information on steps you could take to prevent a leak at your home.