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The Albany area is known to have unpredictable weather throughout the seasons. Rain, snow, hail, and wind are always affecting some sort of aspect of our life, and all of these weather patterns lead to damages one way or another. When we think about leaks we think of the roof and damaged shingles. But, in some cases the siding and windows can play a big role in the leaks you may find. Many times water can get in between your siding and home structure through improper installation. Wrong installs can lead to leaks getting into your ceiling and ruining the sheetrock. At times it shocks me at how much improper installations and weather can affect homes, but there’s always a way to fix these situations.

Signs It’s Your Siding

tan dutch lap vinyl siding wall section

Chances are if you do find a leak in your home, and its coming from the ceiling or somewhere up high, its either the roof, siding or windows. Some telling signs that the water is getting in from the siding is…

• Wavy siding
• Poorly cut J channels
• Poorly aligned J channels
• Poorly aligned siding
• Poorly cut siding
• Siding is on too tight
• Siding is Too Lose
• Damaged Siding (cracks, holes)
• Damaged J channel (cracks, holes)
• Big gaps
• Missing pieces (siding/j channels)

Simple Siding Repair

One Simple thing that you could do to prevent leaks would be, to apply silicone or caulk in small gaps around the windows and J channels, that’s if everything else is in order. Just by doing this small application you could potentially stop leaks from getting into your home and ruining everything in its way. At times it may seem silly but some people that do repairs themselves don’t think to do this one simple act and apply silicone or caulk. They will do everything and later wonder why a leak emerged. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, no matter how good you think you might have done your repairs, a little silicon/caulk won’t hurt. Home Evolution is not only the leading residential roofing company near you, but we also specialize in these types of repairs whether it being damaged siding or windows we can fix it/replace it.