Siding Options Include Stone Siding and Trim



Siding Options: Stone Siding and Trim

When you think of siding, you may think of vinyl, wood or another type of metal, but what about stone? Stone siding and trim, also known as stone veneers, adds an attractive, protective finish to your home. Stone siding is unique and creates a more personal touch to the exterior of your home. Plus, it comes in a variety of shapes and textures too.

What is a Stone Veneer?

Stone veneer products are not new; in fact, they have been around since the 60s. They have grown in popularity over the past few years and today they are one of the most in-demand facade products on the market. They can be coupled with stucco or other vinyl siding to create a beautiful, architecturally enhanced finish to your home.

Why Use Stone Siding and Trim?

Stone siding is a viable option if you are looking to change the look of your home or you need to replace existing, worn out siding. Some reasons to consider stone include:

> It is Lightweight – Veneer is lighter than natural stone and it offers a thin surface that can be applied directly to the solid facing; no need for special footings or engineering. The veneer is not thick like traditional masonry either.
> Affordable Installation – Compared to traditional stone, stone siding requires less preparation and can be installed by a siding contractor.
> Affordable Product – Veneer is thinner and lighter than traditional stone; therefore, it can be shipped for much less than brick or other exterior stone products. Also, because it is not thick masonry, the overall cost is much less than if you covered the front of your house with stones.
> Easier Installation – Overall, stone siding is lightweight and easily supported by the wall. This allows it to be installed in areas that cannot withstand the heavy load of natural stone or brick surfaces.

Selecting Your Stone Siding

You have several options when it comes to stone siding. Most companies offer cultured stone, natural stone and panelized stone siding products. Each comes in a variety of textures and colors, so that you can complement existing siding or trim colors on the exterior of your house.

Home Evolution offers stone siding products to our customers that want to give their curb appeal an extra boost. Our siding contractors can quickly install stone veneers to your entire exterior or as an accent.

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