Which Siding is Best for My Home?


house with vinyl siding

Your house is not a home if not for the siding that protects it. Having said that, in upstate New York home owners always get stumped on the most frequently asked question… “Which siding is best?”. To be frank it’s really hard to say, in fact that there’s so many choices to pick from and many vary depending on the style and structure of a home. Some siding specialists say that from the choices of wood, vinyl, aluminum, brick, stucco, and stone, many will go with vinyl. We asked some of our Albany siding experts about their experiences with previous customers on this topic, more than 75% of their customers wanted vinyl siding. For that very reason we will be discussing the benefits and downsides of vinyl siding.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is made from a material known as polyvinyl chloride resin. It’s main purpose if you don’t know already is to protect your home from various types of bad weather conditions, while also making your home look good. Many home owners in the Albany area choose this type of siding due to its long lasting reputation, let’s find out what some of them are…

wall section tan vinyl siding with vinyl window

Why Choose Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding is the most requested siding in the capital region and here’s why, It’s cheap! The price of vinyl is a lot cheaper than anything that’s out in the market. It’s also easy to maintain! What’s really nice is when you have vinyl siding all you really need to do to clean is just hose it down, that doesn’t take much effort on your part. Vinyl also provides many different styles and colors, with that people can choose what they want and can customize it to their liking. Vinyl has one of the simplest installation processes available. That being said our siding and window experts can get their installation done faster and easier because of it being so simple to work with.

Types of Vinyl Siding

There are two types of vinyl siding that most people know about, traditional and insulated. The main difference is right in the wording itself, one is insulated and the other is not. There is both benefits and cons for each type. The traditional is much cheaper and easier to install. The insulated one has a bit more difficult installation process and is a lot more expensive than the traditional. The advantages that the insulated vinyl siding has is that it has more form and is more resistance to dents and holes than traditional vinyl. Traditional is still good but having that extra insulation is always nice.

traditional siding vs insulated vinyl siding diagram

Is Vinyl Repair Easier?

Unlike its competitor’s, vinyl siding is easy to repair if a weather related accident is to occur. If something ever happens and a piece of vinyl siding rips off, it’s easy to measure out a new piece and simply reinstall it. Other siding repair would be more labor and time consuming to fix. That’s why along with our customers we approve of vinyl siding whether it being traditional or insulated.

siding contractor installing vinyl siding on ranch house

Improper vinyl Installation

At times, the only real downside of having vinyl siding is if there was an improper install done. Most people will complain about wavy siding, and wrongly aligned siding. The way that this might happen will be if the siding was installed to tightly, or to loosely. Sounds funny but it has to be applied just right for the best looking and lasting siding. If the vinyl siding was installed wrong, then the potential for leaks increases significantly. Leaks will emerge whether you want them to or not, because a bad install will leave gaps for potential water to get in. So that’s why having a right installation is so essential when replacing your siding.

Overall Experience with vinyl siding

With the overall experience that customers had, vinyl has been nothing but a good investment for the protection of their homes. Customers were also happy that vinyl added great curb appeal through the different choices it had to offer them. The people that purchased vinyl siding love the way it looks, and couldn’t be happier about the cheap prices as well. Let us know what you think about vinyl siding in the comments below.