Roofing contractors in Schenectady NY replacing a new roof


Our roofing contractors in Schenectady NY have been gathering some information for people who are looking to get a new roof installed. Either your looking for a roof replacement or your building your home and need a roof, our contractors can help you. Today’s post will discuss the process and some reasons people choose to get a replacement and some other issues involved with it. We hope that the information we provide today will help you choose a new roof.

Setting up an estimate for a roof replacement/install

People will assume that you can just receive a price over the phone for a roof replacement. This is a usual misconception with people trying to find the cheapest option. To find out the price for a roof replacement, one must go to the actual roof and measure and look at the imperfections that are there. Over the phone the estimator can’t determine the size of the roof or what other underlying problems there are.

A roof can have many problems that won’t be seen unless the estimator is on the actual roof. Problems may consist of damaged shingles, improper installations, and bad flashing. There are a lot more problems that can be a factor in the price. For example, finding rotten plywood after the shingles get striped. When the estimator is on the roof, the good ones recorded a video to point out all the problems that are on the roof.

Later the estimator shows the video to the home owner to prove that what they said was true, so they know what the problems are with the roof. If you have a problem and want to get it fixed you have to call the office to set up an appointment, they will get all your information like your name, number and address. They will set you up with the best suited time for you and check the time slots that we have available.

What to expect when an estimator comes out

The first thing you should be able to see when you’re expecting the estimator is our company logo stamped on one of our many company vehicles. With every appointment there is a travel time, so we give them at most thirty minutes of travel time for traffic or anything else that might take up some time. Once the estimator is at your home, they get right to work to see what kind of problems might be seen to start assessing damages and costs.

So, if they’re there to look at the roof, they measure out how many squares the roof is to see how much material should be used and how long it might take to do the replacement or install. Most times a customer will call because of a leak and the estimator will always try to find the source and see if its repairable or if it needs to be replaced. Same goes for the siding and windows.

roofing contractors in Schenectady NY | what to expect

So, if you have decided to go with us as your roofing contractors in Schenectady NY, then you should expect to receive your statement sometime after your estimate is over. A contract is sent over for you to review and sign to make everything final, then a date is set for the initial work to begin. Once the day comes for your work to be done, the contractors come out in the morning and don’t stop until sunset.

Usually the work is done within a full day, the siding takes a bit longer to replace along with windows, but the roof can be done in one full day. When people actually go through and choose the contractor some might not even show on time. Our Schenectady roofing, siding, and window contractors always get to a job site bright and early. We take pride in that we are always there to start early.

roofing contractors in Schenectady NY

How to hire the right contractor

When hiring roofing contractors in Schenectady NY it is understandable to be wary of who you hire. Picking a trustworthy roofing contractor in Schenectady is sometimes difficult and very time consuming. If you want to find a good trustworthy roofing siding and window replacement company, it’s smart to check reviews people leave on websites such as Google+, Yelp, Angie’s list, and home advisor. It’s also good to have your family and friends refer you to a contractor that they trust.

You can judge a roofing contractor by the jobs they have done, and Home Evolution is one of those companies that owns up to its replacements/repairs. In the time that Home Evolution has been open for business, they have gone through great strives to provide their customers with the best materials and service that they can. Other companies take little too no strives to caring for the customer’s needs.

There will be other contractors that don’t take into consideration that sometimes things can go wrong and they don’t provide warranty on their replacements or installations, leaving the customer with more costs. Our roofing contractors in Schenectady know that when it comes to your home, quality and efficiency are the major keys in your roofs replacement. Think about the material that goes into a roof replacement. We use grade A materials when it comes to installing the roof, from synthetic underlayment to IKO shingles. When other roofing companies are on the job some of them decide too cheap out, so going with a good reputably company is a smart idea.

roofing contractors in Schenectady NY

Making sure the contractor is responsible

When a project starts, large amounts of debris lands on the surface and garbage falling down is inevitable. When the Schenectady roofing contractors start work, there is always an extra employee to pick up trash. Everyone knows how valuable your lawn can be, with all the plants and various items people may have spread around. Roofing crews have a tarp laid out so that the debris that falls from the roof doesn’t damage the plants or shrubs. After all roofing debris has landed on the ground it’s time for cleanup.

While the roffers start to install the underlayment and shingles, the cleanup crew goes to work. The roofing contractors in Schenectady NY know what it takes to have a productive roof replacement/repair. Everything goes into the dumpster and off to get recycled. After the Installation is complete, the last step to the roof is a final clean up. The Roofers along with the cleanup crew run the magnet rollers at least 3 times all around the property. Making sure there are no loose nails in the grass is essential. The roof replacement will been successful when everything is clean and the roof itself looks great, proportional, and the customer is happy.