Roof Maintenance in Schenectady, NY


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Every now and then people try to take better care of themselves, whether it being exercise, or eating healthy. Your roof, like you needs the same attention to keep it healthy and clean. A roof should be inspected at least once every six months to make sure nothing wrong has occurred. A roof inspection can take up to about 5 minutes of your time, but save you thousands by finding small issues before they turn into big problems. Today we will point out some of things you as a home owner should look out for.

Keys to maintaining your roof

When on your roof, try and look for things that will potential harm your roof. Some of the things to keep an eye out for are as followed:

• Damaged shingles
• Curled shingles
• Growing fungi
• Algae on surface
• Moss
• Debris on roof
• Loose flashing
• Loose drip edge
• Big Gaps between shingles
• Damaged ridge vents
• Cracked mortar
• Large snow accumulations

Low Hanging Trees

low hanging tree branch on roof Roofing Schenectady NY

Roof Maintenance tips

One thing that’s common when looking at your roof is small leaks getting in between flashing. Some caulk or silicone is useful when trying to prevent a leak around the flashing. Removing old silicone or caulk is a great idea to setup a new layer for better resistance to water. Getting a blower on the roof isn’t a bad Idea either, blowing off debris could help. Trees that are right above your roof with low hanging branches can damage shingles, so it’s not a bad idea to trim them down. In the winter snow can accumulate and the weight and water can damage the roof as well, taking some time and shoveling some snow off is a great idea as well. If you’re not capable or just want to be safe, hiring a Roofing contractor could also work. When roofing in Schenectady we got to talking with customers about maintenance, and some of them wanted more information so we wrote up a short blog. We hope that some of these tips can help your roof have a long lasting life.