Picking the Right Contractor

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Where do I find a roofing contractor?

So, when it comes to choosing the perfect contractor, make sure you choose wisely. Contractors can be very difficult to pick. We know that not all contractors are the same when it comes to work and ethics. No one can predict if a contractor will do good or shoddy work, but you can weed them out. Today, we’ll go through everything you need to know about hiring a roofing, siding, and window contractor in Niskayuna NY. Whether it be a roofing, or a siding contractor, most credible contractors can be found online. Websites like Home Advisor, Yelp, BBB, and Angie’s list provide great trustworthy contractors. Most of these websites can help in the choosing process, it makes it easy and fast to pick through the bunch. What makes it easy is that instead of the having random contractors it brings out the best and most trusted.

How do I choose a good contractor?

When choosing a contractor, look for the reviews that people leave on these types of websites. Reviews can tell you a lot about a contractor, people leave their honest thoughts and concerns there. It’s great because you can make a split decision whether they’re right for you or not. Make sure when you do look through reviews, that there’s a lot of reviews, at least five will do. Also, when choosing a roofing contractor in Niskayuna, make sure they have the appropriate accreditations from BBB for example. Many people also go with a contractor from what their family and friends tell them is good. The best method for picking a contractor is word of mouth, you can trust your family and friends a bit more than reviews.

Should I pick a cheap contractor?

Picking a cheap contractor is all up to you. If price is all that’s important then it’s more than alright. If you want quality and efficient work to be done, then the cheapest prices aren’t always best. The quote “You get what you pay for” seems best fit in this discussion. It’s true that if you pay significantly cheaper then you should expect significantly less quality of work. Understand that the cheaper contractors don’t take as much thought into detail and quality, but they take into thought of how fast they’d get done. Most times, contractors who do cheap work won’t come back to fix any issues you may have in the future. So, it all comes down to you and if you think that price matters more than the quality of work.

What should I expect from a good contractor?

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First off, good communication is a must, other contractors who have little to no communication between customers don’t get a lot of happy customers. Phone calls are the key to keeping customers happy and updated with anything that goes on with your project. For example, one of our roof replacements in Niskayuna NY had some bad weather conditions that would have stalled work, so our customers got a call the day before to update them about the situation. You should expect quality work, no cutting corners to save money or time. Warranty should be provided with each job to know that if something wasn’t installed correctly, the contractor would go back and fix it no questions asked. Being on time is also a big thing, when you have a contractor always coming late and sometimes not showing up, that’s when you start to have a problem. Review these highlights and see if the contractor you choose, was the right one.

What to expect if you hire a bad contractor.

Having hired a bad contractor is annoying and difficult. Our roofing contractors in Niskayuna NY have been to many job sites were bad contractors left their dirty work. Some of the things they would do is just astonishing. For example, one house had no underlayment from the previous roofing contractors. It’s very important to have underlayment under the shingles to prevent water from seeping through and penetrating the plywood decking. One contractor never replaced the existing shingles, but just layered the shingles on top of the old ones. This was one of his tactics just to save money on cleanup costs. I just listed two examples of what you should expect if you hire a bad contractor. The list can go on and on, spanning from short cuts to ignorance. This should be a wakeup call, make sure you don’t pick someone you’ll regret.

Keep an eye out for scammers.

It’s sad to say, but yes there are scammers out there, these people will take your money and leave without doing the work. Every week somebody who entrusts a contractor to do work for them gets scammed. The authorities have been cracking down on these crimes, but they still occur so be cautious. Some of the scammers out there will lay down all the things you need, and take a big deposit, schedule a date and never show up, always pushing back the date. Make sure you follow the steps we listed before to make sure you don’t get scammed.