Niskayuna Roofing, Siding, and Windows Maintenance Tips

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Roof, Siding, and Window replacement niskayuna

we hope that These Niskayuna Roofing, Siding, and Windows Maintenance Tips will help your home

Upstate NY has very gruesome winters, from large snow falls to freezing rain, it can put a strain on your home if things are left unmaintained. Many homeowners overlook the simple steps to keeping their home well maintained and it results in more costs and repairs. In today’s post, we discuss some tips for Niskayuna roofing, siding, and windows and tricks you can use to implement in your home.

What do I look out for, when maintaining the roof?

When it comes to maintenance and your home, the first step is to check your surroundings. When it’s the roof, check for low hanging branches. These branches can sometimes break off during high winds and storms, falling onto your roof and damaging the shingles. Our roofing contractors in Niskayuna NY have given us insight on a recent repair, where a branch broke off and plunged onto the roof, penetrating the plywood sheathing and leaving a big hole in the roof. This is very common and is sometimes very costly. Our contractors had advised the customer months prior, but sadly the customer kept putting it off until it was too late. This could have all been avoided by just trimming off the low hanging branches. The best solution when it comes down to this is to hire a contractor in your area to get it done, or try and do it yourself.

Debris that is left on the roof should be cleaned as well. sometimes taking a leaf blower onto the roof and blowing everything off can be helpful in keeping your roof clean and maintained. Every now and then, inspect the shingles on your roof to make sure nothing is out of place. At times, shingles can shift or become damaged from bad weather, or poor installation. You can spot a damaged shingle easily; it will stick out like a sore thumb. If it’s not the weather but improper installation, make sure that you take pictures to send to the contractor that replaced or repaired your roof.

Step and chimney flashing should always be checked, if damaged it can sprout leaks inside and around your home. Our Niskayuna roofing contractors have discussed the importance of replacing damaged flashing. Apparently, some contractors don’t replace damaged flashing, but just adjust it and try and make it look presentable enough. That’s not right, if its damaged it must be replaced so that no leaks will emerge and ruin your home. Due to laziness, some contractors will take shortcuts and not replace them, leaving you with eventually more damages.

Algae and moss that grows on the surface of your shingles, will decrease the strength and rigidity of your roof. The moss tends to absorb moisture and raise or shift around shingles, making it easy for leaks to start emerging. Algae has also been linked to decaying shingles, not fully proven but many have said that it eats away at the shingle. Depending on how bad the algae or moss is sometimes a full replacement will be needed, but sometimes just a thorough cleaning is needed to fix it.

Leaks that are found coming from the ceiling will almost always come from the roof. Leaks can emerge from various things surrounding the shingles. Like we talked about before, the flashing could be one of the culprits. Most cases a leak will result from poor installation of shingles. Sometimes the underlayment that gets placed will not be there due to the previous contractor taking shortcuts. If finding a leak is difficult, check inside the attic and you will be able to see where the leak is coming from due to mold and black streaks on the plywood sheathing.

How do I maintain the house siding?

Once the roof has been checked, it’s time to look at the siding. Siding is one of those things on the house that tends to collect damages much more frequently than the roof. Vinyl siding can often get puncture holes from hail storms that are sometimes frequent here in upstate NY. Checking for these small punctures and holes before the cold weather hits is essential to lower heating costs. If there are damages, then it’s time to replace them with new siding pieces.

Wavy siding is what happens when the siding is installed incorrectly. Usually siding becomes wavy due to it being installed to tightly or to loosely. There is a precise way the siding is supposed to be installed, that’s why it can sometimes take a long period for it to be installed. The best solution is to contact the siding contractor who did the siding to get it repaired, or replaced. If it is left wavy, water will get in and ruin the structure of your home.

There’s not a lot to say about the siding, but making sure that nothing is broken or missing is a big step to maintaining it. There are times when some cleaning is needed, make sure that when pressure washing your siding that you take extra precautions to not damage the siding. If there are damages, its best to call the professionals to get everything back to normal.

Niskayuna Roofing, Siding, and Windows

How do I maintain the windows in my home?

Windows require the least maintenance out of the bunch, if not any. You can always tell when your window needs to be fixed or replaced. One of the signs is that the window has a hard time opening and closing. This usually means that the frame of the window is old and needs to be replaced. Due to new vinyl windows this doesn’t happen often only with wooden frame windows.

Drafts can be felt when its cold outside, just by walking by the window you will be able to feel if there’s a cold breeze blowing from the window, indicating that there’s a gap in between the window sill and frame. Cracks in the window frame can also lead to higher heating costs. Taking care of these issues before the bad weather hits will in deed help with all your costs. After talking with our siding and window contractors in Niskayuna, getting the windows checked for draft leaks and cracks will help assess damages and get your home ready for any weather.

Temporary Fixes are not permanent!

Often if there is leak coming from a sky light or a window, caulk or silicon can be used to help prevent it from leaking. Usually this would be an extra preventive step to ensure that no leak will emerge. Do not expect to fix a real issue by just applying silicone or caulk ta the infected area, it will leak again. J channels around windows will often have a little bit of the caulk around it to ensure that it gets an extra layer of protection. Sky lights will sometimes leak due to improper use of the underlayment shield that prevents water from getting inside, when that is installed a little bit of silicone or caulk will be added to ensure that its sealed air tight. Many other contractors will not follow through with the proper installation steps that a skylight will need, but add a bunch of filler to prevent it from leaking temporally. That’s never a good idea because it will leak and getting that contractor to come back will probably be difficult. We hope that this will help you with the maintenance of your home.

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