Is It Time for New Windows in Saratoga?


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Windows can add a certain curb appeal to a home so the time for changing windows is now. With great advances in technology more people are changing their windows for more eco and energy efficient ones. Having some time and checking out the various styles of windows will be beneficial to picking the best choice for your home. In today’s blog post we spoke with some of our window and siding specialists in the Saratoga area to get their opinions on this topic.

Is Anything Broken?

closeup of broken window glass

Most windows that get replaced by our Saratoga window and siding crews are broken ones. Checking to see what’s broken on the window will help in assessing damages and if the window can be repaired. If the damages exceed what can be fixed, then it’s time to replace them. Most times the glass is at fault for the replacement, because once its shattered it cannot be repaired. The frame of the window should also be looked over to make sure that nothing is out of the ordinary. If cracks are found its most likely that you need to replace it, but getting a specialist to assess the damages would also be helpful. At times some windows will jam up becoming less operable to use. Most times it’s not worth fixing some windows because it would be a lot easier and cheaper to just buy new.

Are Your Windows Outdated ?

Some people think that keeping up with today’s time and updating their windows will help with curb appeal, we couldn’t agree more. Windows when they’re outdated can add a certain look to the home as if it’s not been maintained correctly or not been taken care of. Adding in new windows that make the home look stunning will give your home that boost in value that it deserves. Sometimes historic homes will have old windows that need to be replaced, these homes need to get matching styles of windows to best fit the home, our window experts are great at assessing these types of things. Visit their page to learn more. Don’t think for a second that windows that are old can be repaired they can but its more for the historic homes that can’t replace their windows.

Energy Efficient Windows?

large double hung windows in kitchen area with dining table

Yes, there’s energy efficient windows. What makes them energy efficient you might be asking? Energy efficient windows consist of having low maintenance, strong and insulated frames that hold in place the glass. Sometimes there will be two layers of thin glass with either gas or air In-between both panes. That initially helps with trapping hot air from escaping during the cold seasons. People have claimed to save money on some of their heating costs during the cold winter because of it. Statistics have shown that people save an average of $300 dollars a year on their energy costs. Now many will say that isn’t much but to the person who got the windows will say that it was worth it. The windows look good and be saving you money and that’s what they’re all about. These windows have been proven to retract heat from the sun during the hot summer days to keep your home nice and cool. These windows have a protective layer on the outer glass that helps the glass become nice and cool and resist solar heat. That’s why many people love energy efficient windows.

Are There Drafts?

large casement windows showing trees and nature in background

Some older homes that have not had windows replaced in a long time will have air drafts, or leaks that will bring in more heating costs. Some of these air drafts will emerge from either poor window installation or insulation, giving the ability for more air loss. Most times when the windows have cracks or gaps in between the window sill and the window frame heat will also escape. Sometimes the fix could be a simple application of silicon or caulk, but in most cases not every window is fixable, that’s what most people will realize when remodeling their homes. This is the case for many older homes because of the old traditional style windows, they would usually have wooden frames that would get old and broken after some time. Of course changing up some of the material used to make windows have changed making them more durable and water resistant. People can tell right away when an air draft happens, just by walking by a closed window and feeling a slight cold gust of air pass by their neck.

Best Windows for You

For the people that decide to get new windows, you will realize soon that there’s so many choices to pick from. The best windows for you is pointed towards personal preference, so what do you want, what do you think will look good. Although taking some thought does help, many will choose either the energy efficient vinyl or the fiberglass windows. Both are an excellent choice, but not many people will choose wooden framed windows because they don’t match the style of their homes. Everyone has their style but when it comes down to it many will go for either two styles. Windows are the best addition to the home and having great windows will make your house into a home.

Best time to Buy

People that don’t have all the funds for a big renovation will bounce from fixing one thing to another so that be stable and on top of their finances. That perfectly fine, many will have to face that renovations can be expensive. Taking it easy is great because windows are simple to install and don’t need to be replaced all at once. People who have the funds will buy all of the necessary materials so that they can get it done in one shot but that’s not mandatory. Taking your time is also not a bad idea because sometimes your thoughts and ideas change. If there’s one thing that our Saratoga window and siding replacement crews told us it that you can always take your time to replace windows because it’s one of those things that can be replaced fast and easily.