What to Look for in the Roof When You’re Buying a Home

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The time has come and you’re looking to buy a home in the Gansevoort area. You’ve thought it through and the means justify the end. When looking into purchasing a new home make sure you check everything vigorously. That might include checking the foundation, structure rigidity of the house, ceilings, if there’s mold, and of course the roof. As all homeowners know there’s a lot more things you should check, but today we’ll just be focusing on the roof. Think about a time that it was pouring, now think about this; you’re sitting in your new home that you just purchased and a leak starts to emerge, not only will you be upset but also wet. This just adds more stress and money being used when all of this could have been avoided. Read these simple things you can look out for when purchasing a new home.

Is the Roof Infested with Mold/Moss ?

What does it matter if there’s moss or mold growing on top of the roof? Well get ready because both have a tendency of messing with the shingles. Moss has the ability of absorbing water, when it does, the increase of water will lift up shingles and damage the roof. Mold, well it’s never good to have mold anywhere, but the damages that it brings are slower in occurrence. There have been stories of mold ruining shingles but not exactly concrete evidence. Just as a precaution, check it out and see for yourself.

moss growth on roof shingles

Does the Roof Look Straight ?

Often, if you are outside and a couple yards away from the home you can see the way your roof is laid out. If the roof is wavy or uneven that’s already a bad sign that there’s a problem with the roof. This can make the house look hideous and unsafe for everyone living inside the home. Make sure that this is not the case, check it out. Another great way to check is to stand at different angles around the outside of the house.

three tab shingles caving in failing roof substrate

Roof Recently Installed but, Was It Done Correctly ?

At times of purchasing a house the homeowner might say they recently had their roof replaced. Most people who are trying to sell their home will try to get everything done for cheap, and fast. A lot of home sellers will do this so that they won’t have to invest more money into their home before selling it. Again, get on top of the roof and check to see if this is the case. It will be easy to spot an improper installment. Take the picture below as an example of improper installment.

improper roof shingle installation

Are there Damaged Shingles ?

Depending on the situation, roofs with damaged shingles should be a concerning factor when purchasing a house. Shingles that are damaged can lead to leaks and mold on the plywood sheathing. This is not a pretty sight to have in your home, best bet is to have a look around the roof and determine it for yourself. Damaged shingles will look crumbled up, they will have large cracks, and sometimes they will often shift. Debris that falls off a low hanging tree can cause shingle damage as well, so keep an eye out for trees nearby.

loose roof shingles
tree branch protruding from roof

Is Your Roof Rotting ?

Roof leaks will eventually leave rot, it’s not a matter of if but rather when. This is an easy thing to spot, check it out by going inside the attic. You can often spot the rot fast, there will either be a hole in the plywood sheathing or black streaks around the affected areas. It’s also common to have a musty scent if there’s been an untreated leak. Sometimes the home seller might get a cheap fix by adding silicon or caulk and applying it to the affected areas. This is not a fix and it will leak again.

black mold growth in attic

Is your roof flashing damaged ?

Roof flashing is always one of those things no one cares to look out for, often skipped or forgotten. Roof flashing is also an essential part of your roof, it helps to prevent water from seeping through the shingles at edges or corners of your roof. Sometimes when flashing is old or damaged water will get in and ruin your roof with rot and everything else that comes with it. Some will try and fix the damaged flashing by adding silicon or caulk all around the damaged areas. Like I said before that is not a fix and it will leak again.Some will reuse old flashing and thats a bad idea as well. Best thing would be for a replacement, flashing isn’t expensive and isn’t hard to install. Take the picture below as a reference. If the home seller denies it, get a roof inspector out there and prove it.

roof shingles with old flashing next to chimney
improperly installed roof flashing

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