Is your home ready for winter?

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Is Your Home Ready For Winter?

It’s officially the end of summer, kids are going back to school, the weather is getting colder and soon winter will be at our doorsteps. With winter comes great memories, like building snow men, drinking hot chocolate, and gathering with friends and family for the holidays. Winter also brings a little frustration, snow and cold weather conditions could bring the health of your home down and under. Taking some precautions and setting yourself up for winter is the only way to stay on track with your spending budgets. In today’s blog we talk about getting your home ready for winter and some things you could do to stay on top of your home winterization checklist.

Check Your Roof

When winter strikes, it strikes hard, especially in the Albany area. Our winters bring large amounts of snow and hail to the surface of our roofs. With every snowfall our homes become more vulnerable to situations that could be avoided. Taking some time out of your busy schedule and setting up a roof inspection will in fact ease you into the status of your roof. If you want, you can save yourself some time and money by checking it yourself. Some of the things that you need to look out for when performing a roof inspection is…

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Damaged shingles could be referred to shingles that have shifted or are ruined due to severe weather conditions such as high winds, rain, hail, and large snow accumulations. When shingles are damaged and left untreated they bring the possibility for a leak to emerge. Even though there’s an underlayment under the shingles it doesn’t mean that its completely waterproof
When a roof hasn’t been maintained in a long time it’s not uncommon to see algae and mold growing on the surface of shingles. Sometimes it’s just an eyesore but depending on the situation it could damage your roof. Moss for example absorbs moisture and could extend growth of its roots, raising shingles and ruining the rigidity your roof.
Anything that falls on top of the roof like low hanging branches could damage shingles and leave areas exposed to rain and snow. People often overlook that branches could damage your roof. Trimming down the branches and using a leaf blower to blow away anything that’s on the surface of your shingles is essential to a good healthy roof.
Your chimney on your roof has flashing around it to keep water away from getting inside your roof. It’s a good idea to check it out and make sure it’s not damaged. If not installed correctly water could be building up and leaving more damages than one would anticipate.
Gutters that are left un cleaned after a while just keep building up leafs and debris. With that it gives it the potential to hold more moisture and water. During the winter all that moisture and water will freeze and add more weight to your gutters. That brings out more possibilities for damages to take place on your roof, so keep an eye out and clean them.

Check Your Siding

Siding is the outer lay of your house that protects the structure of your home. The siding makes your home look great and keeps it safe. Similar to your roof, under the siding there’s a layer to keep moisture out like roofing underlayment. When there’s damages to your siding, bad weather conditions will leave your homes structure vulnerable to damages beyond belief. Some things to look out for when doing a house inspection are…

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When a siding install is done incorrectly you will be able to see either loosely fitted siding, tightly installed siding, or uneven siding. You can check all these issues by pulling on the vinyl siding pieces. If there was a bad install you might also see wavy siding due to it being loosely fitted. Wrong installation will bring in rain and snow into the structure of your home.
Siding that is damaged will have cracks, holes, and missing pieces. The majority of damage to siding is weather related, hail and wind are the biggest reasons. Depending on what type of siding is used you might see rot or mold growing on the surfaces, so watch out for that as well. Getting on top of these damages and fixing these will be essential to preparing for winter.

Check Your Windows

 residential roofing siding and window contractors

When it comes to your windows understand that they need to be inspected and checked. Windows are the barrier that protects us from the cold during the winter season. They allow us to be nice and cozy while we’re looking at the plow truck moving snow outside. To an extent certain types of windows can save you on energy costs by keeping in more heat during the cold winter days. Some of the key things to look out for during an inspection would be…

When looking at your windows to assess damages, understand that depending on the type of window, damages will vary. If there’s a wooden frame window, then cracks and splits could be letting in air drafts into the home making your windows less energy efficient. Sometimes these issues can be fixed by adding some caulk or silicone to the affected areas, but often the window will have to be replaced. Sometimes the frame could be uneven leaving a gap between the bottom of the frame and the window sill adding more opportunities for air drafts to occur.
Some of you will know that having a window that doesn’t function properly is annoying. If you spot a window that doesn’t open or close properly understand that it’s time to replace or repair it. When the window is stuck in place it’s a lot harder to get it open during an emergency if need be. Thus it could become more than an annoyance and into dangerous situation

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