Is it Time for a Window Replacement?


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Window Replacement in Albany

Are your windows showing signs that it’s time for a replacement? As February winds pick up, you’re going to want to make sure your windows are in tip-top condition. There are a few different ways you can tell if your windows are in need of repairs or replacing. Take a look at the list below!

> Air drafts
> Rattling
> Broken/rusted locks
> Gaps/cracks
> Condensation (interior, exterior, or between the glass in double pane windows)
> Broken glass
> Outdated in comparison to the rest of your home’s exterior
> Broken or rusted parts and components
> Warped frames

Remember, the average lifespan of a window is about 20 years. If you’re experiencing any of the issues listed above, and you know your windows are old, it makes the most sense to replace them. You may not even realize how much better your home could look and feel with a set of new windows!

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