Go Green! We Recycle Our Old Roof Shingles

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You already know that paper, plastic, and glass can be recycled to be turned into new and useful items. Did you know that old roof shingles can also be recycled? At Home Evolution, we take all of our old shingles to Greenbush Renewables, where they are then used to make roadway pavement!

The used/old shingles are put through a process that converts them to material that can then be used to pave roadways. Greenbush Renewables grinds the shingles down to the appropriate grain size. After they are ground, the shingles are ready to be used in asphalt for various types of pavement areas, such as:

> Tennis/Basketball Courts
> Driveways
> Roads
> Parking Lots
> Walkways

Recycling old shingles helps the environment in the same way that recycling paper, plastic, and glass does. When we recycle, we are helping to decrease the amount of garbage in landfills. Additionally, when recyclable materials are re-purposed, it can also help to decrease the use of factories, vehicles, and machinery needed to build and create materials and products, thus helping to reduce air pollution. Moreover, money is saved by reusing and re-purposing materials instead of purchasing brand new ones.

When you choose Home Evolution for your roofing services, you can feel good knowing that you’re helping us do our part for the environment. Contact us today for a FREE estimate on your next roofing project!

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