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Roof replacements are not always well known to some, customers asking simple questions here and there isn’t uncommon. Our Gansevoort roofing contractors are always happy to answer any questions regarding our roof replacements. It’s great that some people would like to know more about the subject. To save you some time, we listed some of the frequently asked questions about roof replacements here in our blog.

When is it time to replace my roof?

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So, you might be wondering, when is it time for me to get my roof replacement? Often, when a house has damaged shingles all throughout the roof it might be time to start considering it. If your roof has algae or mold growing on it then maybe cleaning will help. Sometimes with cleaning the mold and algae, your roof will get streaks because of the bleach substance used to clean. Moss if found, can damage your roof significantly by raising shingles and deforming the structure of your roof. Damaged shingles can bring your roofs structure down. Damaged shingles will allow water to seep through and down to the underlayment and eventually to the plywood sheathing. Once water starts gathering on the sheathing, rotting and mold will occur, eventually a leak will emerge in your home because of it. Often, if a leak is found, then there’s a definite underling problem with the roof. The problems could be anything, so getting a roof inspector out to your home will be best to figuring out if it’s time to replace the roof.

Why does the roof need a ridge vent?

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Your roof, like you, needs to breath. In the summer your house gets constant heat, the attic takes most of the beating by having too much heat and nowhere for it to escape. If your home doesn’t have a ridge vent then its more than likely always hot in your home, making cooling costs increase. In the winter, heat needs to be evenly transferred, when heat is trapped in the attic snow will melt irregularly making it possible to damage the shingles prematurely. Ridge vents prevent moisture build up along with mold. Having a ridge vent will allow adjustments to the temperatures, making your home better to heat and cool during the seasons.

Can I replace the roof myself?

Well, that all depends on the skills and knowledge you may have about roofing. It takes some years to master the craft of roof replacements. So, in a general the answer is yes, anyone could do a roof replacement but, depending on your expertise it may not look as good or be done right. Understand that our Gansevoort NY roofers have been doing repairs/replacements for over 15 years. They know everything about the subject of roofing, windows, and siding. Roofing is very dangerous and time consuming, doing it by yourself can be a long and hard procedure. Safety is a major concern when roofing, people can die from falling, get all the necessary equipment if you’re going to attempt to do the installation. So, it all comes down to you, what do you think?

How do I pick a roofing company to replace my roof?

Choosing a roofing company is not something to take lightly. The company you choose will be the major factor in the way your roof gets replaced. Not all roofing companies are the same, there’s a lot of fraudsters out there. To pick a reliable, trustworthy, and local company you need to check their reviews and certifications. Most reviews can be found on websites such as yelp, angies list, Google, BBB, and home advisor. You can see which company is trustworthy because of the what the previous customers write up. Certifications can also be presented on the company’s website and BBB. Also, know that cheaper isn’t always necessarily better, the cheaper one, often can’t be trusted when it comes to customer service. They just take your money and replace your roof and don’t come back if something wrong is to occur. Please choose wisely…

What happens if I find a leak?

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When a leak is found in your home and you know it’s coming from the attic, then it’s time to fix it. A leak can emerge from either damaged shingles or improper installation of roofing materials, like the step flashing or the chimney flashing. The biggest worry is figuring out if a repair is needed or a full roof replacement. Most times, only a repair is needed, but there have been times where the roof was completely ruined due to leaks and improper installations done by other roofing companies. Sometimes leaks will emerge due to bad nailing and the lack of proper underlayment. Very rare but still it happens, that’s why you need to know your hiring a good contactor with a great reputation.

Is Warranty included in a roof installation?

Yes, our roofing contractors in Gansevoort NY always include warranty when a shingle roof is installed. They strive on the fact that the customers get the best and most trustworthy company in the area. Most companies that offer warranties on their roof replacements won’t follow through. They pride themselves on the fact that they have excellent customer service and respond to any issues that the customer may have right away. Whatever the problem is they will show up and not give you the general loop around answer like others have, saying that they’d be there and not showing up when they’re supposed to.

How long does a roof replacement take?

A roof replacement generally takes almost a full day to complete, depending on the weather and crew size. If the weather doesn’t hold and it rains, then it precedes to the next day. Most times the size of the roof also varies in the time it gets completed, the smaller the house the faster it gets done. A roof replacement has four major steps, tear down, underlayment/ice and water shield install, shingle install, and clean up. There’s steps in-between that take up time as well like drip edge installation, and cleaning off old nails. Take these into consideration.

How much does it cost to replace my roof?

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It’s difficult to say with precise measurements needed and getting the material that will be used. Getting an estimator down to your home and measuring and checking all the faults with the roof is the best to figuring out the costs. Most times other damages will be found when checking the roof so it also adds into the cost factor. Again, just because someone is cheaper doesn’t mean they’re better. You get what you pay for, most companies will not tend to your needs after they’re done, any problem that occurs, they will more than likely not show up to fix it.

How long does a roof replacement usually last?

If properly installed, a new shingle roof should last anywhere from 25 to 30 years here in upstate New York. Upstate NY has very harsh weather during the winter seasons making it affect the life of the shingle roofs. Keep in mind that roofs must be maintained here and there. Debris and low hanging branches can potentially damage your roof. Brushing or blowing off the debris, also trimming the branches will be an effective way of protecting it. Yearly inspections done by yourself will also be helpful, make sure nothing is out of the ordinary like damaged shingles or wavy flashing.