Choosing the Right Windows



Are your windows under-performing? Is their appearance taking away from the overall look of your home? It might be time for a replacement!

When it comes to window options for your home, there are many different selections to choose from. From different shapes, to sizes, to styles, Home Evolution will have the perfect windows for your home.

We can install windows in different shapes, such as:

> Circle
> Hexagon
> Half-moon
> Triangle

Additionally, we can install many other types of specialty windows, including:

> Double or single hung
> Sliding patio doors
> Double hung with cut-ups and arched window on top
> Single casement
> Picture windows
> Double casement
> Double hung with cut-ups
> Stationary picture window with side crank-out windows

In order to choose the perfect window option for your home, there are a few things to consider:

1. Is it an area with a lot of windows that should be identical, or is it just one window?
2. Do you want multiple windows or one big picture window?
3. What type of room is on the inside of the window?

The answers to these questions will help you decide what kind of windows to choose. If it’s a living room, maybe a large picture window or sliding glass doors would be best! If it’s a central area on the exterior of your home, maybe you can try experimenting with a unique shape. Whatever you choose, Home Evolution will be there to help from planning to execution.

Interested in replacing your windows? Contact Home Evolution today to get started on planning your window project!