Know the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof in Delmar



Calling All Delmar Homeowners! Know the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof!

Start talking about roof replacement and people start to see dollar signs in their eyes. Sure, replacing a roof is an investment, but beyond that, there are compelling reasons and benefits to doing so beyond the cost of investment.

Consider these benefits of roof replacement before you decide to try and wait it out for another rainy season or worse, ignore the problem in hopes of it going away. The problem is that once problems begin showing up, it’s an uphill battle to keep everything in good condition and without added expense! The weather elements in the northeast present too many challenges to overcome if you intend to ‘weather the storms’ and wait it out.

Benefit #1: Increased safety. At its core, a roof is the barrier between you, your family, and the elements outside. If the wet elements can get in, you’ve got problems with leaks that can cause mold build up and present a health problem for you and your family. Plus, leaks can ruin wall dn wall joists, don’t risk a collapse and the endangerment of your family and belongings.

Benefit #2: Peace of Mind and a Warranty. In the even that something goes wrong or needs repair, you can count on (in most cases) a warranty to step in and save you some cash. That’s where peace of mind comes in financially, not to mention what we said above about safety!

Benefit #3: Maintenance is less frequent and less costly. Once you have a new roof installed, you can bet that maintenance will only be routine (for any age roof) and the frequency of needing repairs will be covered for years, not months — as an old roof may have you up there making ‘band-aid repairs’ to get you through the next season.

Though Home Evolution is a roofing contractor for the entire region, we do tend to do plenty of work in the immediate Albany area — specifically in Delmar, NY. If you’re a Delmar home owner (or Slingerlands, Elsmere areas), do give us a call and set up an appointment for one of our seasoned experts to come out and give you a fair estimate!