Winter Roofing Tips for Maintaining Your Roof


snow causing damage on roof

Your roof takes the brunt of Mother Nature. From the hot sun beating down on it on those humid summer days, to ice, snow, and wind from winter storms, your roof gets through it all. In the winter, there are several steps you can take to ensure that your roof doesn’t run into any issues.

During times where there is a break from snowfall and ice, it’s a good idea to maintain your roof with these tips:

Inspect the Roof: Have your roof checked for any damage that could be made worse if left unfixed through the rest of winter. This can include issues such as structure damage, deterioration, loose shingles, cracks, and more. Have these repaired or taken care of ASAP.
Remove Debris: After you’ve inspected, remove any debris and dirt that have accumulated so far from your roof drains and gutters. This will ensure that the path is clear for any future snow to melt and avoid leaks caused by water pooling.
Determine Max Snow Accumulation: You should determine just how much snow your roof can hold before it becomes unsafe. Make sure there is not too much snow already accumulated on your roof, and if there is, have it removed.
Secure Your Snow and Ice Removal: Whether you’ll be doing it yourself or hiring someone else, have a plan for removing snow and ice from your roof. That way, the plan will be easy to execute when the time comes.

By using these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the season knowing that your roof is ready for the rest of the harsh cold and snow accumulation that will ensue this winter.

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