What goes into a roof installation?

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roof replacement saratoga Springs ny

When people expect to get their roof replaced, most times the person doesn’t fully understand what goes into a roof replacement. We spoke to some of our roofing specialists in Saratoga Springs, NY to get a general explanation. Today we will find out what goes into a roof installation? We’ll go through some of those steps that take place when … Read More

Is It Time for New Windows in Saratoga?

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windows and siding albany ny

Windows can add a certain curb appeal to a home so the time for changing windows is now. With great advances in technology more people are changing their windows for more eco and energy efficient ones. Having some time and checking out the various styles of windows will be beneficial to picking the best choice for your home. In today’s … Read More

Which Siding is Best for My Home?

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house with vinyl siding

Your house is not a home if not for the siding that protects it. Having said that, in upstate New York home owners always get stumped on the most frequently asked question… “Which siding is best?”. To be frank it’s really hard to say, in fact that there’s so many choices to pick from and many vary depending on the … Read More