Choosing the Right Windows

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Are your windows under-performing? Is their appearance taking away from the overall look of your home? It might be time for a replacement! When it comes to window options for your home, there are many different selections to choose from. From different shapes, to sizes, to styles, Home Evolution will have the perfect windows for your home. We can install … Read More

Home Evolution – We’re NOT Just Homes!

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man working on a roof

Did you know that Home Evolution doesn’t only do projects involving residential properties? That’s right! We’re your go-to window, roofing, and siding masters, even for your business! We can provide service to any business/commercial property in the Albany and Saratoga, NY region! You can expect the same quality and professionalism that you already get for your home, with replacements and … Read More

Ice Dams – A Winter Hassle

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ice dam in Albany

Preventing Ice Dams in Albany While the Northeast winters bring the joys of skiing and sledding, and the beautiful backdrop of snowcapped mountains, they also bring some unwanted headaches. One in particular can cause serious damage to your roof and home… ice dams. Ice dams are those chunks of ice that form along the edges of your roof. While frozen, … Read More

Winter Roofing Pros and Cons

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Should roofing be done in the winter? The simple answer is… it depends. While it’s not ideal to have workers on rooftops in difficult conditions, there are benefits and often times needs to be on the roof in the winter. A few CONs of winter roofing include: Asphalt shingles are applied with seal strips and if inappropriately installed can allow … Read More